mb/asus/p8h61-m_pro: Add new mainboard

Tested with GRUB 2.02 as a payload, booting Arch Linux as
well as Debian. This code is based on the output of autoport
as well as other mainboards supported in coreboot already.

 - Serial port I/O
 - S3 suspend/resume. Untested with SeaBIOS since it failed
   to resume on a similar board. It is likely to be due to
   low memory corruption, but I have not worked on it.
 - USB ports and headers
 - USB3 ports attached to the ASM1042 controller. SeaBIOS can
   boot from them, and it is likely GRUB can detect devices on
   those ports as well. The chip has a small SPI flash nearby,
   which seems to hold an Option ROM.
 - Gigabit Ethernet
 - Integrated graphics (libgfxinit)
 - VGA BIOS for integrated graphics init
 - PCIe x16 graphics
 - PCIe x1
 - SATA controller
 - Hardware Monitor
 - Fan Control (fancontrol on linux works well)
 - Native raminit
 - flashrom, using the internal programmer. Tested with coreboot,
   as well as with the vendor firmware.
 - NVRAM settings. Only debug_level has been tested.

 - DVI port. It can detect a "fake" display, that is, an
   EEPROM connected to the DVI port. Thus, gma-mainboard.ads
   has been setup accordingly.
 - PS/2 port.
 - Audio: Only rear output (green) has been tested.
 - EHCI debug.
 - Parallel port header.
 - Non-Linux OSes
 - ACPI thermal zone and fan control (probably not working)

Not working:
 - Booting from devices attached to the ASM1061 controller.
   Devices on ports work fine once Linux has loaded.
 - Any SATA devices with Tianocore (payload issue)

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