mb/hp: Add new port compaq_8200_elite_sff

Add new port based on autoport.

The board uses a NPCD378 SuperIO, that is full of custom hardware.

The 8MiB flash SOIC-8 can be accessed after cutting of a part of the
DIMM slot holder. The flash IC has no diode, powering a part of the
board while flashing externaly, including the Standby-LED.

The following have been tested and is working:
* Native raminit with up to four DIMMs
* Libgfxinit on DisplayPort
* EHCI debug
* Serial on RS232
* Ethernet
* PCIe on x4
* PCIe on x16
* Booting GNU Linux 4.14 using SeaBIOS 1.11.1 as payload
* Flashing internaly
* PS/2 is working

* PCI slot
* LPT port
* S3 resume

Not working:
* PSU fan managment (runs at 100%)
* Half of SuperIO functionality is unknown

* Reverse engineer remaining SuperIO registers
* Reverse engineer SMM

Fixes on follow-up commits:
* Added PSU fan control
* Reverse engineered some of Super IO's HWM registers
* Added SMBIOS tables for IPMI

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