nb/intel/i945/gma: Skip native VGA init for ACPI S3 resume

Currently, native VGA initialization takes 90 ms during resume. But, it
is not needed. So, skip it to save that time.

Note, it is assumed that ACPI aware operating systems ship the
appropriate drivers to initialize the graphics device. With Linux, if
the module/driver *i915* is not loaded, then the display will stay

TEST=On Lenovo X60t with Debian and Linux 4.15.11-1~bpo9+1, suspend and
resume system and notice display is correctly initialized by the driver
i915 after resume. Notice the messages below.

PCI: 00:02.0 init ...
Skipping native VGA initialization when resuming from ACPI S3.
PCI: 00:02.0 init finished in 56 usecs
PCI: 00:02.1 init ...

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