Make the device tree available in the rom stage

We thought about two ways to do this change. The way we decided to try
was to
1. drop all ops from devices in romstage
2. constify all devices in romstage (make them read-only) so we can
   compile static.c into romstage
3. the device tree "devices" can be used to read configuration from
   the device tree (and nothing else, really)
4. the device tree devices are accessed through struct device * in
   romstage only. device_t stays the typedef to int in romstage
5. Use the same static.c file in ramstage and romstage

We declare structs as follows:
ROMSTAGE_CONST struct bus dev_root_links[];
ROMSTAGE_CONST is const in romstage and empty in ramstage; This
forces all of the device tree into the text area.

So a struct looks like this:
static ROMSTAGE_CONST struct device _dev21 = {
 #ifndef __PRE_RAM__
        .ops = 0,
        .bus = &_dev7_links[0],
        .path = {.type=DEVICE_PATH_PCI,{.pci={ .devfn = PCI_DEVFN(0x1c,3)}}},
        .enabled = 0,
        .on_mainboard = 1,
        .subsystem_vendor = 0x1ae0,
        .subsystem_device = 0xc000,
        .link_list = NULL,
        .sibling = &_dev22,
 #ifndef __PRE_RAM__
        .chip_ops = &southbridge_intel_bd82x6x_ops,
        .chip_info = &southbridge_intel_bd82x6x_info_10,

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