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#include <commonlib/coreboot_tables.h>
#include <stddef.h>
/* function prototypes for building the coreboot table */
unsigned long write_coreboot_table(
unsigned long low_table_start, unsigned long low_table_end,
unsigned long rom_table_start, unsigned long rom_table_end);
* Write forwarding table of target address at entry address returning size
* of table written.
size_t write_coreboot_forwarding_table(uintptr_t entry, uintptr_t target);
void fill_lb_gpios(struct lb_gpios *gpios);
void lb_add_gpios(struct lb_gpios *gpios, const struct lb_gpio *gpio_table,
size_t count);
void uart_fill_lb(void *data);
void lb_add_serial(struct lb_serial *serial, void *data);
void lb_add_console(uint16_t consoletype, void *data);
/* Define this in mainboard.c to add board-specific table entries. */
void lb_board(struct lb_header *header);
/* Define this in soc or fsp driver to add specific table entries. */
void lb_framebuffer(struct lb_header *header);
/* Allow arch to add records. */
void lb_arch_add_records(struct lb_header *header);
* Function to retrieve MAC address(es) from the VPD and store them in the
* coreboot table.
void lb_table_add_macs_from_vpd(struct lb_header *header);
void lb_table_add_serialno_from_vpd(struct lb_header *header);
struct lb_record *lb_new_record(struct lb_header *header);
#endif /* COREBOOT_TABLES_H */