drivers/intel/gma: Hook up libgfxinit

Add `libgfxinit` as another option for native graphics initialization.
For that, the function gma_gfxinit() (see drivers/intel/gma/i915.h) has
to be called by the respective northbridge/soc code.

A mainboard port needs to select `CONFIG_MAINBOARD_HAS_LIBGFXINIT` and
implement the Ada package `GMA.Mainboard` with a single function `ports`
that returns a list of ports to be probed for displays.

v2: Update 3rdparty/libgfxinit to its latest master commit to make
    things buildable within coreboot.

v3: Another update to 3rdparty/libgfxinit. Including support to select
    the I2C port for VGA.

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