linking: Repair special treatments for non-x86 bootblocks

Patch b2a62622b (linking: move romstage and bootblock to use program.ld)
unified the linker scripts between different stages. Unfortunately it
omitted several special cases from the old bootblock.ld script that are
required for non-x86 environments.

This patch expands program.ld to once again merge the .BSS into the
program image for bootblocks (ensuring correct initialization by the
external loader). It also revives the .id section (which adds a
human-readable blurb of information to the top of an image) and fixes a
problem with unintended automated section alignment.

TEST=Jerry and Oak boot again.

Change-Id: I54271b8b59a9c773d858d676cde0218cb7f20e74
Signed-off-by: Patrick Georgi <>
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