3rdparty/lib{hwbase,gfxinit}: Update to latest master

Simplifies our C interface function gma_gfxinit(), due to the following

* *libgfxinit* knows about the underlying PCI device now and can
  probe MMIO addresses by itself.
* The framebuffer mapping is now completely handled inside the
  library where we validate that we neither overflow
  - the stolen memory,
  - the GTT address space, the GTT itself nor
  - the aperture window (i.e. resource2 of the PCI device)
    that we use to access the framebuffer.

Other changes:

* Fixes and a quirk for DP training.
* Fix for DP-VGA adapters that report an analog display in EDID.
* Fixes for Skylake support with coreboot.
* DDI Buffer drive-strength configuration for Haswell, Broadwell and
* `gfx_test` can now be run from X windows (with glitches).
* Compatibility with GCC 7 and SPARK GPL 2017.

TEST=Booted lenovo/t420 and verified that everything works as usual.

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Signed-off-by: Nico Huber <nico.h@gmx.de>
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