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#include <console/console.h>
#include <cpu/cpu.h>
#include <boot/tables.h>
#include <boot/linuxbios_tables.h>
#include "linuxbios_table.h"
struct lb_memory *
unsigned long low_table_start, low_table_end;
unsigned long rom_table_start, rom_table_end;
rom_table_start = 0xf0000;
rom_table_end = 0xf0000;
/* Start low addr at 16 bytes instead of 0 because of a buglet
* in the generic linux unzip code, as it tests for the a20 line.
low_table_start = 0;
low_table_end = 16;
/* The linuxbios table must be in 0-4K or 960K-1M */
low_table_start, low_table_end,
rom_table_start, rom_table_end);
return get_lb_mem();