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Date: Sat, 23 Nov 2002 22:20:57 -0500
From: Adam Sulmicki <>
To: LinuxBIOS <>
Cc: William Arbaugh <>, Adam Agnew <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] LinuxBIOS boots Windows 2000, GRUB, and OpenBSD.
We're happy to announce that we've been able to successfully boot
Windows 2000 without a legacy BIOS. We accomplished this by developing
software that combined elements from two very successful projects:
LinuxBIOS and BOCHS. The Etherboot project also helped in various ways.
As a result now, we have a completely open source replacement for the
BIOS that can use (without modification) either LILO or GRUB as
bootloaders, and Linux, OpenBSD, and Windows 2000 as operating systems
(NOTE: We're still working on supporting FreeBSD and Windows XP. We
expect that improving ATA support will permit Win98 and WinXP to boot,
and finishing PIRQ support will permit FreeBSD to boot.) Motherboard
support is also limited at this time, but we hope to expand that along
with LinuxBIOS.
More details can be found at:
Ironically, twenty years ago this month Compaq introduced their Compaq
portable computer with the first BIOS outside of IBM, see .
Adam Sulmicki
Adam Agnew
William Arbaugh
This work has been funded by a grant from DARPA under the CHATS program.