drivers/spi: fix flash writes at page boundaries

There was an assumption that all SPI controllers could
consume a full page of data to write. However, that
assumption doesn't hold when spi_crop_chunk() indicates
sizes smaller than page size. If the requested offset isn't
page aligned from the start then writes will fail corrupting
data since a page boundary isn't honored.

The spansion driver needed quite a bit more work to honor
the spi_crop_chunk() result. It now mimics the other
driver's code. Also, needed to add spi_crop_chunk() to
marvell/bg4cd SoC to make google/cosmos build. SPI obviously
doesn't work on that platform, but it fixes the build error.

Change-Id: I93e24a5a717adcee45a017c164bd960f4592ad50
Signed-off-by: Aaron Durbin <>
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