x86 architecture documentation

This section contains documentation about coreboot on x86 architecture.

State of x86_64 support

At the moment there's no single board that supports x86_64 or to be exact ARCH_RAMSTAGE_X86_64 and ARCH_ROMSTAGE_X86_64.

In order to add support for x86_64 the following assumptions are made:

  • The CPU supports long mode
  • All memory returned by malloc must be below 4GiB in physical memory
  • All code that is to be run must be below 4GiB in physical memory
  • The high dword of pointers is always zero
  • The reference implementation is qemu
  • The CPU supports 1GiB hugepages

Assuptions for ARCH_ROMSTAGE_X86_64 reference implementation

  • 0-4GiB are identity mapped using 1GiB huge-pages
  • Memory above 4GiB isn't accessible
  • pagetables reside in _pagetables
  • Romstage must install new pagetables in CBMEM after RAMINIT

Assuptions for ARCH_RAMSTAGE_X86_64 reference implementation

  • Romstage installed pagetables according to memory layout
  • Memory above 4GiB is accessible

Steps to add basic support for x86_64

  • Add x86_64 toolchain support - DONE
  • Fix compilation errors - DONE
  • Fix linker errors - TODO
  • Add x86_64 rmodule support - ONGERRIT
  • Add x86_64 exception handlers - TODO
  • Setup page tables for long mode - TODO
  • Add assembly code for long mode - TODO
  • Add assembly code to return to protected mode - TODO
  • Implement reference code for mainboard emulation/qemu-q35 - TODO

Porting other boards

  • Fix compilation errors
  • Test how well CAR works with x86_64 and paging
  • Improve mode switches
  • Test libgfxinit / VGA Option ROMs / FSP