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#include "pci.h"
typedef unsigned long pciaddr_t;
typedef u8 byte;
typedef u16 word;
struct pci_dev {
struct pci_dev *next; /* Next device in the chain */
word bus; /* Higher byte can select host bridges */
byte dev, func; /* Device and function */
/* These fields are set by pci_fill_info() */
int known_fields; /* Set of info fields already known */
word vendor_id, device_id; /* Identity of the device */
int irq; /* IRQ number */
pciaddr_t base_addr[6]; /* Base addresses */
pciaddr_t size[6]; /* Region sizes */
pciaddr_t rom_base_addr; /* Expansion ROM base address */
pciaddr_t rom_size; /* Expansion ROM size */
/* Fields used internally: */
void *access;
void *methods;
byte *cache; /* Cached information */
int cache_len;
int hdrtype; /* Direct methods: header type */
void *aux; /* Auxillary data */
struct pci_filter {
int bus, slot, func; /* -1 = ANY */
int vendor, device;
#define PCITAG struct pci_filter *
#define pciVideoPtr struct pci_dev *
extern int pciNumBuses;
int pciInit(void);
int pciExit(void);
PCITAG findPci(unsigned short bx);
u32 pciSlotBX(pciVideoPtr pvp);
void pciWriteLong(PCITAG tag, u32 idx, u32 data);
void pciWriteWord(PCITAG tag, u32 idx, u16 data);
void pciWriteByte(PCITAG tag, u32 idx, u8 data);
u32 pciReadLong(PCITAG tag, u32 idx);
u16 pciReadWord(PCITAG tag, u32 idx);
u8 pciReadByte(PCITAG tag, u32 idx);