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# NOTE: You need to add your libpci.a version to CFLAGS below if
# pci-userspace.c does not build.
# If you are building on AMD64, you have to use /usr/lib64/libpci.a instead of
# /usr/lib/...
CC = gcc
CFLAGS = -Wall -Ix86emu/include -O2 -g \
INTOBJS = int10.o int15.o int16.o int1a.o inte6.o
OBJECTS = testbios.o helper_exec.o helper_mem.o $(INTOBJS)
LIBS = x86emu/src/x86emu/libx86emu.a
# user space pci is the only option right now.
OBJECTS += pci-userspace.o
LIBS += /usr/lib/libpci.a
all: testbios
testbios: $(OBJECTS) $(LIBS)
$(CC) -o testbios $(OBJECTS) $(LIBS)
helper_exec.o: helper_exec.c test.h
$(MAKE) -C x86emu/src/x86emu/ -f makefile.linux
$(MAKE) -C x86emu/src/x86emu/ -f makefile.linux clean
rm -f *.o *~ testbios
distclean: clean
$(MAKE) -C x86emu/src/x86emu/ -f makefile.linux clean