AGESA binaryPI: Consolidate and fix sleep states

SSFG was meant to be used as a mask to enable sleep states
_S1 thru _S4. However as a logical instead of bitwise 'and'
operation was used, all the states were enabled if only
one was marked available.

State _S3 is now set conditionally if HAVE_ACPI_RESUME=y.
For pi/hudson this had been fixed already preprocessor.

Note that all boards had SSFG == 0x0D that previously
enabled ACPI S3 sleep state even when it was not available.
States _S1 and _S2 still appear enabled in ASL/AML
but may not actually work.

TEST: 'cat /sys/power/state' and notice choice 'mem' was
removed from the list of available sleep states.

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