security/tpm/tspi: Set return type of tcpa_log_add_table_entry as void

Change f849972 (security/vboot: Enable TCPA log extension) enabled
support for adding TCPA log to CBMEM. However, if CBMEM is not online,
this function doesn't do anything and returns early. This condition is
not really a valid error condition as it depends on when the call to
tcpa_log_add_table_entry is made. Since tcpa_log_add_table_entry
returns -1 when cbmem is not online, tpm_extend_pcr prints an error
message with prefix "ERROR:". This can confuse any scripts trying to
catch errors in boot flow.

This CL makes the following changes:
1. Removes the print in tpm_extend_pcr since tcpa_log_add_table_entry
already prints out appropriate ERROR messages in case of failure to
add log entry.
2. Since the return value of tcpa_log_add_table_entry is not used
anymore, return type for tcpa_log_add_table_entry is changed to void.


Change-Id: I32d313609a3e57845e67059b3747b81b5c8adb2a
Signed-off-by: Furquan Shaikh <>
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Reviewed-by: Philipp Deppenwiese <>
Reviewed-by: Justin TerAvest <>
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