vboot: make TPM factory init sequence more robust.

Currently the code considers the absence of the NVRAM firmware
rollback space a a trigger for invoking the TPM factory initialization

Note that the kernel rollback and MRC cache hash spaces are created
after the firmware rollback space. This opens an ever so narrow window
of opportunity for bricking the device, in case a startup is
interrupted after firmware space has been created, but before kernel
and MRC hash spaces are created.

The suggested solution is to create the firmware space last, and to
allow for kernel and MRC cache spaces to exist during TPM factory

TEST=odified the code not to create the firmware space, wiped out the
     TPM NVRAM and booted the device. Observed it create kernel and
     MRC cache spaces on the first run, and then reporting return code
     0x14c for already existing spaces on the following restarts.

     Verified that the device boots fine in normal and recovery modes
     and TPM NVRAM spaces are writeable in recovery mode.

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