amd/stoneyridge: Create new name/IRQ association

Table intr_types[] is hard to maintain, and has unused spaces filled with
NULL. A new table format is needed that creates strong association between
the APIC register index and the associated IRQ name, is easy to maintain
and has no unused space (index) to indicate that a particular register is
unused while still indicating which registers are valid.

Also, the string that defines the name of associated IRQ should be declared
with "#define" in a header, but must be physically initiated in a source
file. The "#define" must make a strong association between the used register
index and the associated IRQ name. Example:
#define INDEX_0X16_NAME "PerMon\t"

TEST=Check serial output against BKDG for AMD Family 15h Models 70h-7Fh
Processors definitions for Pci_Intr_Index. Also, check for new output
format to confirm write_pci_int_table() is working as desired. There's
no test for write_pci_cfg_irqs, as it's not being used by kahlee.

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