soc/intel/apollolake: Remove call to pmc_fixup_power_state

On APL, call to pmc_fixup_power_state was added because GPE0_EN
registers did not have the right bits set on resume from S3 -- this
was a result of GPE_CFG registers getting reset to their default state
on resume. GPE_CFG registers are programmed as part of pmc_gpe_init
which was previously done only in ramstage.

However, with change a673d1c (soc/intel/apollolake: Initialize GPEs in
bootblock), call to pmc_gpe_init was added to bootblock which means
that GPE_CFG registers will have the right state by the time control
reaches romstage where pmc_fill_power_state is called. Thus, call to
pmc_fixup_power_state is totally redundant and in fact leads to
side-effects because of the call to pmc_disable_all_gpe at the end of

TEST=Verified on yorp that wake source is correctly identified on
resume from S3.

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