payloads/ Add phony targets

Add 'nvramcui' target to make it easier to build and test.
Put both nvramcui & coreinfo targets into .PHONY because they
both exist as directories.

Change-Id: I9cf76785e69f3c8e47fe92f1b1648fd0f7a63c3e
Signed-off-by: Martin Roth <>
Tested-by: build bot (Jenkins)
Reviewed-by: Paul Menzel <>
Reviewed-by: Stefan Reinauer <>
diff --git a/payloads/ b/payloads/
index 70a3b53..e68c2e7 100644
--- a/payloads/
+++ b/payloads/
@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@
 payloads/coreinfo/build/coreinfo.elf coreinfo:
 	$(MAKE) -C payloads/coreinfo defaultbuild
+payloads/nvramcui/nvramcui.elf nvramcui:
 	$(MAKE) -C payloads/nvramcui
@@ -46,4 +46,4 @@
 	-$(foreach payload, $(PAYLOADS_LIST), $(MAKE) -C $(payload) print-repo-info 2>/dev/null; )
-.PHONY: clean-payloads distclean-payloads print-repo-info-payloads
+.PHONY: clean-payloads distclean-payloads print-repo-info-payloads nvramcui coreinfo