vboot: Assume EC_SOFTWARE_SYNC and VIRTUAL_DEV_SWITCH by default

The virtualized developer switch was invented five years ago and has
been used on every vboot system ever since. We shouldn't need to specify
it again and again for every new board. This patch flips the Kconfig
logic around and replaces CONFIG_VIRTUAL_DEV_SWITCH with
CONFIG_PHYSICAL_DEV_SWITCH, so that only a few ancient boards need to
set it and it fits better with CONFIG_PHYSICAL_REC_SWITCH. (Also set the
latter for Lumpy which seems to have been omitted incorrectly, and hide
it from menuconfig since it's a hardware parameter that shouldn't be

Since almost all our developer switches are virtual, it doesn't make
sense for every board to pass a non-existent or non-functional developer
mode switch in the coreboot tables, so let's get rid of that. It's also
dangerously confusing for many boards to define a get_developer_mode()
function that reads an actual pin (often from a debug header) which will
not be honored by coreboot because CONFIG_PHYSICAL_DEV_SWITCH isn't set.
Therefore, this patch removes all those non-functional instances of that
function. In the future, either the board has a physical dev switch and
must define it, or it doesn't and must not.

In a similar sense (and since I'm touching so many board configs
anyway), it's annoying that we have to keep selecting EC_SOFTWARE_SYNC.
Instead, it should just be assumed by default whenever a Chrome EC is
present in the system. This way, it can also still be overridden by


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