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* This file is part of the coreboot project.
* Copyright 2015 MediaTek Inc.
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
* the Free Software Foundation; version 2 of the License.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
#ifndef __SOC_MEDIATEK_MT8173_MCUCFG_H__
#define __SOC_MEDIATEK_MT8173_MCUCFG_H__
#include <soc/addressmap.h>
struct mt8173_mcucfg_regs {
u32 mp0_ca7l_cache_config;
struct {
u32 mem_delsel0;
u32 mem_delsel1;
} mp0_cpu[4];
u32 mp0_cache_mem_delsel0;
u32 mp0_cache_mem_delsel1;
u32 mp0_axi_config;
u32 mp0_misc_config[10];
u32 mp0_ca7l_cfg_dis;
u32 mp0_ca7l_clken_ctrl;
u32 mp0_ca7l_rst_ctrl;
u32 mp0_ca7l_misc_config;
u32 mp0_ca7l_dbg_pwr_ctrl;
u32 mp0_rw_rsvd0;
u32 mp0_rw_rsvd1;
u32 mp0_ro_rsvd;
u32 reserved0_0[100];
u32 mp1_cpucfg;
u32 mp1_miscdbg;
u32 reserved0_1[13];
u32 mp1_rst_ctl;
u32 mp1_clkenm_div;
u32 reserved0_2[7];
u32 mp1_config_res;
u32 reserved0_3[101];
u32 mp0_rst_status; /* 0x400 */
u32 mp0_dbg_ctrl;
u32 mp0_dbg_flag;
u32 mp0_ca7l_ir_mon;
struct {
u32 pc_lw;
u32 pc_hw;
u32 fp_arch32;
u32 sp_arch32;
u32 fp_arch64_lw;
u32 fp_arch64_hw;
u32 sp_arch64_lw;
u32 sp_arch64_hw;
} mp0_dbg_core[4];
u32 dfd_ctrl;
u32 dfd_cnt_l;
u32 dfd_cnt_h;
u32 misccfg_mp0_rw_rsvd;
u32 misccfg_sec_vio_status0;
u32 misccfg_sec_vio_status1;
u32 reserved1[22];
u32 misccfg_rw_rsvd; /* 0x500 */
u32 mcusys_dbg_mon_sel_a;
u32 mcusys_dbg_mon;
u32 reserved2[61];
u32 mcusys_config_a; /* 0x600 */
u32 mcusys_config1_a;
u32 mcusys_gic_peribase_a;
u32 reserved3;
u32 sec_range0_start; /* 0x610 */
u32 sec_range0_end;
u32 sec_range_enable;
u32 reserved4;
u32 int_pol_ctl[8]; /* 0x620 */
u32 aclken_div; /* 0x640 */
u32 pclken_div;
u32 l2c_sram_ctrl;
u32 armpll_jit_ctrl;
u32 cci_addrmap; /* 0x650 */
u32 cci_config;
u32 cci_periphbase;
u32 cci_nevntcntovfl;
u32 cci_clk_ctrl; /* 0x660 */
u32 cci_acel_s1_ctrl;
u32 bus_fabric_dcm_ctrl;
u32 reserved5;
u32 xgpt_ctl; /* 0x670 */
u32 xgpt_idx;
u32 ptpod2_ctl0;
u32 ptpod2_ctl1;
u32 mcusys_revid;
u32 mcusys_rw_rsvd0;
u32 mcusys_rw_rsvd1;
check_member(mt8173_mcucfg_regs, mcusys_rw_rsvd1, 0x688);
static struct mt8173_mcucfg_regs *const mt8173_mcucfg = (void *)MCUCFG_BASE;
#endif /* __SOC_MEDIATEK_MT8173_MCUCFG_H__ */