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* This file is part of the coreboot project.
* Copyright 2015 MediaTek Inc.
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
* the Free Software Foundation; version 2 of the License.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
#include <soc/addressmap.h>
#include <types.h>
struct mt8173_infracfg_regs {
u32 top_ckmuxsel;
u8 reserved0[4];
u32 top_ckdiv1;
u8 reserved1[4];
u32 top_dcmctl;
u32 top_dcmdbc;
u8 reserved2[24];
u32 infra_rst0;
u32 infra_rst1;
u8 reserved3[8];
u32 infra_pdn0;
u32 infra_pdn1;
u32 infra_pdn_sta;
u8 reserved4[4];
u32 infra_dcmctl;
u32 infra_dcmdbc;
u32 infra_dcmfsel;
u8 reserved5[20];
u32 devapc_pdn0;
u32 devapc_pdn1;
u32 devapc_pdn_sta;
u8 reserved6[4];
u32 trng_pdn0;
u32 trng_pdn1;
u32 trng_pdn_sta;
u8 reserved7[4];
u32 infra_pdn_sen;
u8 reserved8[268];
u32 infra_ao_mbist_delsel;
u32 infra_ao_mbist_bsel;
u32 infra_ao_mbist_cfg;
u32 infra_ao_mbist_fuse_sramrom;
u32 infra_ao_mbist_fuse_afe;
u32 infra_ao_mbist_holdb;
u32 infra_ao_mbist_mode;
u32 infra_ao_mbist_mon_sel;
u32 infra_ao_mbist_result;
u8 reserved9[44];
u32 infra_ao_mbist_fuse_mon;
u8 reserved10[12];
u32 topaxi_si0_ctl;
u32 topaxi_si1_ctl;
u8 reserved11[4];
u32 infra_mci_si0_ctl;
u32 infra_mci_si1_ctl;
u32 infra_mci_si2_ctl;
u32 infra_mci_async_ctrl;
u32 infra_mci_cg_mfg_sec_sta;
u32 topaxi_prot_en;
u32 topaxi_prot_sta0;
u32 topaxi_prot_sta1;
u32 topaxi_axi_aslice_ctrl;
u32 infra_apb_async_sta;
u8 reserved12[12];
u32 infra_mci_trans_con_read;
u32 infra_mci_trans_con_write;
u32 infra_mci_id_remap_con;
u32 infra_mci_emi_trans_con;
u8 reserved13[196];
u32 cldma_map0;
u8 reserved14[232];
u32 peri_cci_sideband_con;
u32 mfg_cci_sideband_con;
u8 reserved15[248];
u32 infra_ao_dbg_con0;
u32 infra_ao_dbg_con1;
u32 infra_ao_dbg_con2;
u32 infra_ao_dbg_con3;
u8 reserved16[752];
u32 sramrom_boot_addr;
u32 sramrom_sec_ctrl;
u32 sramrom_sec_addr;
u32 sramrom_fpc_boot_addr;
u32 sramrom_fpc_boot_con;
u8 reserved17[236];
u32 infra_bonding;
u8 reserved18[252];
u32 infra_ao_scpsys_apb_async_sta;
u32 infra_ao_md32_tx_apb_async_sta;
u32 infra_ao_md32_rx_apb_async_sta;
u32 infra_ao_cksys_apb_async_sta;
u8 reserved19[1264];
u32 infra_misc;
u32 infra_acp;
check_member(mt8173_infracfg_regs, infra_pdn0, 0x40);
check_member(mt8173_infracfg_regs, topaxi_prot_sta1, 0x228);
check_member(mt8173_infracfg_regs, infra_misc, 0xf00);
static struct mt8173_infracfg_regs *const mt8173_infracfg =
enum {
L2C_SRAM_PDN = 1 << 7
enum {
DDR_4GB_SUPPORT_EN = 1 << 13
#endif /* __SOC_MEDIATEK_MT8173_INFRACFG_H__ */