mainboard/intel/kblrvp: Enabling Kaby Lake RVP7

Add support for Kaby Lake RVP7 board

* Add RVP7 board support in Kconfig
* Override default descriptor and ME binary paths in Kconfig
  since those binaries will differ for RVP3 and RVP7
* Add RVP7 board name in board_info.txt and
* Add devicetree.cb for RVP7 in the variants path
* Add gpio.h for RVP7 in variants/include/variant path
* Made board specific code for retrieving spd, i.e., in RVP7
  there is non-soldered DIMMs, so SPD is read through smbus,
  unlike RVP3 where memory DIMMs are soldered down with board.
  Hence for RVP3, the spd binaries will be fixed and can be
  kept as binary file in cbfs.

TEST=Built and boot Kaby Lake RVP7

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