cougar_canyon2: Switch CPU/NB/SB to the shared FSP code

CPU - fsp_model_206ax:
- Remove Kconfig options and mark this as using the FSP.
- Use shared FSP file
Mainboard - intel/cougar_canyon2:
- Update to use the shared FSP header file.
- Modify to call copy_and_run() directly instead of returning to
Northbridge - fsp_sandybridge:
- remove mrccache, fsp_util.[ch]
- add fsp/chipset_fsp_util.[ch] with chipset specific FSP bits.
- Update to use the shared FSP header file.

These changes were validated with FSP:
SHA256: e1bbd614058675636ee45f8dc1a6dbf0e818bcdb32318b7f8d8b6ac0ce730801
MD5: 24965382fbb832f7b184d3f24157abda

Change-Id: Ibc52a78312c2fcbd1e632bc2484e4379a4f057d4
Signed-off-by: Martin Roth <>
Signed-off-by: Martin Roth <>
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