arch/x86: Restore forwarding table on resume for non EARLY_EBDA_INIT

In commit c06a3f72 (arch/x86: initialize EBDA in S3 and S0/S5 path),
BDA and EBDA are wiped in the resume path. It results in coreboot
forwarding table address being wiped out since it is stored in the
BDA. This issue was resolved for platforms using EARLY_EBDA_INIT in
commit f46a9a0d (arch/x86: restore forwarding table on resume for
EARLY_EBDA_INIT). However platforms that do not use EARLY_EBDA_INIT
still run into the same issue and hence cbmem does not work on
resume. This change fixes the issue by using the stash/restore of
forwarding table address for all platforms using BDA.

TEST=Verified that cbmem works on S3 resume for coral.

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Signed-off-by: Furquan Shaikh <>
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