haswell: move call site of save_mrc_data()

The save_mrc_data() was previously called conditionally
in the raminit code. The save_mrc_data() function was called
in the non-S3 wake paths. However, the common romstage_common()
code was checking cbmem initialization things on s3 wake. Between
the two callers cbmem_initialize() was being called twice in the
non-s3 wake paths.  Moreover, saving of the mrc data was not allowed
when CONFIG_EARLY_CBMEM_INIT wasn't enabled.

Therefore, move the save_mrc_data() to romstage_common. It already has
the knowledge of the wake path. Also remove the CONFIG_EARLY_CBMEM_INIT
requirement from save_mrc_data() as well as the call to cbmem_initialize().

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