security/vboot: overwrite existing spaces during factory init for tpm2

In TPM 2.0 case, if the factory initialization is interrupted after
defining, say, the kernel tpm nvram space but before writing to this
space, the following will happen upon reboot when the factory
initialization will be re-attempted. Writing to this space will be
skipped, and coreboot will finish the factory initialization with
this space remained unwritten. At a later stage, when the rollback
logic will attempt to check the version in the kernel space, it will
fail (TPM2.0 returns an error when reading from unwritten spaces),
and the system will go into recovery with no way out (since the
kernel space will never be written).

This change fixes that by always writing to the kernel, MRC hash and
firmware spaces during factory initialization, even if the space
already existed by that time.

TEST=delete, define, but not write to the kernel space; trigger
     factory initialization; coreboot should fill the kernel
     space and continue booting.

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