buildgcc: Rename armv7-a-eabi compiler to arm-eabi

The compiler really supports a whole line of ARM CPUs, not just
arm-eabi-gcc: note: valid arguments to '-march=' are: armv2 armv2a
   armv3 armv3m armv4 armv4t armv5 armv5e armv5t armv5te armv6 armv6-m
   armv6j armv6k armv6s-m armv6t2 armv6z armv6zk armv7 armv7-a armv7-m
   armv7-r armv7e-m armv7ve armv8-a armv8-a+crc iwmmxt iwmmxt2 native
So let's reflect this in the cross compiler name.

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