libpayload: cbfs: Add cbfs_handle API for more fine-grained accesses

The libpayload CBFS APIs are pretty old and clunky, primarily because of
the way the cbfs_media struct may or may not be passed in and may be
initialized inside the API calls in a way that cannot be passed back out
again. Due to this, the only real CBFS access function we have always
reads a whole file with all metadata, and everything else has to build
on top of that. This makes certain tasks like reading just a file
attribute very inefficient on non-memory-mapped platforms (because you
always have to map the whole file).

This patch isn't going to fix the world, but will allow a bit more
flexibility by bolting a new API on top which uses a struct cbfs_handle
to represent a found but not yet read file. A cbfs_handle contains a
copy of the cbfs_media needed to read the file, so it can be kept and
passed around to read individual parts of it after the initial lookup.
The existing (non-media) legacy API is retained for backwards
compatibility, as is cbfs_file_get_contents() (which is most likely what
more recent payloads would have used, and also a good convenience
wrapper for the most simple use case), but they are now implemented on
top of the new API.

TEST=Booted Oak, made sure that firmware screens and software sync
worked okay.

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