skylake mainboards: Use PAD_CFG_GPI_GPIO_DRIVER instead of PAD_CFG_GPI

Change 1760cd3e (soc/intel/skylake: Use common/block/gpio) updated all
skylake boards to use common gpio driver. Common gpio code
defines PAD_CFG_GPI without GPIO_DRIVER ownership. However, for
skylake PAD_CFG_GPI set GPIO_DRIVER ownership by default. This
resulted in Linux kernel failing to configure all GPIO IRQs since the
ownership was not set correctly. (Observed error in dmesg: "genirq:
Setting trigger mode 3 for irq 201
failed (intel_gpio_irq_type+0x0/0x110)")

This change fixes the above issue by replacing all uses of PAD_CFG_GPI
in skylake mainboards to PAD_CFG_GPI_GPIO_DRIVER.

TEST=Verified on soraka that the genirq error is no longer observed in
dmesg. Also, cat /proc/interrupts has the interrupts configured

Change-Id: I7dab302f372e56864432100a56462b92d43060ee
Signed-off-by: Furquan Shaikh <>
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Reviewed-by: Aaron Durbin <>
11 files changed