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#include <boot/coreboot_tables.h>
#define MAX_COREBOOT_TABLE_SIZE (8 * 1024)
/* This file holds function prototypes for building the coreboot table. */
unsigned long write_coreboot_table(
unsigned long table_start, unsigned long table_end);
void lb_memory_range(struct lb_memory *mem,
uint32_t type, uint64_t start, uint64_t size);
/* Routines to extract part so the coreboot table or information
* from the coreboot table.
struct lb_memory *get_lb_mem(void);
extern struct cmos_option_table option_table;
/* defined by mainboard.c if the mainboard requires extra resources */
int add_mainboard_resources(struct lb_memory *mem);
int add_northbridge_resources(struct lb_memory *mem);
#endif /* COREBOOT_TABLE_H */