AMD Steppe Eagle: New integrated southbridge (Avalon)

00730F01 contains the Avalon southbridge and a Platform Security
Processor (PSP). Supporting the PSP requires specific binaries to
be included in the ROM.  The fletcher utility is used to sign PSP

The IMC access routines are not accessible for newer AMD parts that
use pre-compiled AGESA.  Change the Hudson code such that the IMC
code is not compiled if IMC is not selected in Kconfig.

Disable compilation of resume.c if HAVE_ACPI_RESUME is disabled.
The newer AMD mainboards will initially be released without ACPI
resume support (S3) due to the use of AGESA internals in the
existing Hudson routines.  The Makefile change allows newer
mainboards to avoid the API issues.

Change Kconfig such that the FWM flag is always set for PSP-enabled
parts.  This has the side effect of forcing the generation of the
FWM directory in the absence of GEC, IMC, and xHCI.

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