soc/intel/common/pch: Make infrastructure ready for pch common code

This patch is intended to make Intel common PCH code based on
Gen-6 Sunrisepoint PCH (SPT).

All common PCH code blocks between Gen-6 till latest-PCH should be
part of soc/intel/common/pch/ directory.

A SoC Kconfig might select this option to include base PCH package
while building new SOC block. Currently majority of
common IP code blocks are part of soc/intel/common/block/ and
SoC Kconfig just select those Kconfig option. Now addition to that
SoC might only selects required base PCH block to include those
common IP block selections.

TEST=soc code can select PCH config option

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Signed-off-by: Subrata Banik <>
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