payloads/external/SeaBIOS: Upgrade stable from to 1.7.4

SeaBIOS 1.7.4 was released in December 2013 [1] and, besides other
things, supports writing debug messages to CBMEM console.

The new SeaBIOS Kconfig option `DEBUG_COREBOOT` has to be added to the
SeaBIOS configuration file `.config` as otherwise the SeaBIOS build
from within coreboot (`PAYLOAD_SEABIOS`) is interrupted as it is
detected as a new option.

This option was already added and enabled in commit 7c1a49bc [1]

	SeaBIOS: have coreboot pass the choice to run optionroms in parallel

so SeaBIOS messages are now written to the CBMEM console.

Successfully tested on the Asus M2V-MX SE.


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