Various Kconfig fixes and improvements:

 - Add helps texts to multiple user-visible Kconfig options.

 - Improve some menu and option names.

 - PAYLOAD_NONE should come before PAYLOAD_ELF, so that you scroll down
   (instead of up) when changing "no payload" to "ELF payload" (more
   intuitive, IMHO).

 - s/cbfs/cbfstool/.

 - Add some TODO items where needed.

 - Put GDB_STUB in a "Debugging" menu, no options should be top-level.
   There'll be more debug options later, I'm pretty sure.

 - Start converting help texts which are not user-visible to #-comments.

 - Re-order some options for more intuitive menus.

 - Set ARCH_X86 and ARCH_POWERPC to "default n", each boards selects them.

 - "Maximum reboot count" should proabably not be user-selectable, or at
   most if CONFIG_EXPERT (yet to be added) is enabled. It does definately
   not need its own "Misc options" menu.

 - Set PCI_ROM_RUN and VGA_ROM_RUN to "default y", most users will want to
   run option ROMs.

Signed-off-by: Uwe Hermann <>
Acked-by: Uwe Hermann <>

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