arch/riscv: Compile with -mcmodel=medany

In the default (medlow) code model, pointers are loaded with a lui, addi
instruction sequence:

	lui	a0, 0xNNNNN
	addi	a0, a0, 0xNNN

Since lui sign-extends bits 32-63 from bit 31 on RV64, lui/addi can't
load pointers just above 0x80000000, where RISC-V's RAM now lives.

The medany code model gets around this restriction by loading pointers
trough auipc and addi:

	auipc	a0, 0xNNNNN
	addi	a0, a0, 0xNNN

This way, any pointer within the current pc ±2G can be loaded, which is
by far sufficient for coreboot.

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