vboot2: tpm2 factory initialization.

This patch adds a TPM2 specific path in the vboot2 initialization
sequence when the device is turned on in the factory for the first
time, namely two secure NVRAM spaces are created, with different
access privileges.

The higher privilege space can be modified only be the RO firmware,
and the lower privilege space can be modified by both RO and RW

The API is being modified to hide the TPM implementation details from
the caller.

Some functions previously exported as global are in fact not used
anywhere else, they are being defined static.

TEST=when this code is enabled the two secure spaces are successfully
     created during factory initialization.

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mock tpm: drop unused functions

safe_write() and safe_define_space() functions are defined in
secdata_mock.c, but not used in mocked TPM mode.

The actual functions have been redefined as static recently and their
declarations were removed from src/include/antirollback.h, which now
causes compilation problems when CONFIG_VBOOT2_MOCK_SECDATA is

Dropping the functions from secdata_mock.c solves the problem.

TEST=compilation in mock secdata mode does not fail any more.

Original-Commit-Id: c6d7824f52534ecd3b02172cb9078f03e318cb2b
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