soc/intel/common/block/smm: Add configurable delay before entering S5

This change adds a configurable delay in milliseconds before SLP_EN is set in
SLP_SMI for S5. Reason for doing this is to avoid race between SLP and power
button SMIs.

On some platforms (Nami, Nautilus), it was observed that power button SMI
triggered by EC was competing with the SLP SMI triggered by keyboard
driver. Keyboard driver indicated power button press which resulted in
depthcharge triggering SLP_SMI, causing the AP to enter S5. However, the power
button press also causes the EC to send a pulse on PWRBTN# line, which is
debounced for 16ms before an interrupt is triggered. This interrupt was
generated after SLP_SMI is processed which resulted in the device waking back up
from S5.

This change adds a config option SOC_INTEL_COMMON_BLOCK_SMM_S5_DELAY_MS which is
used to add a delay before SLP_EN is set for S5. This change should only affect
CHROMEOS boards as the config option will be 0 in other cases.

TEST=Verified that nami, nautilus do not wake back from S5 on power button press
at dev mode screen.

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