Fixed broken MTRR for >4GB memory on AMD K8 fam 0fh rev <=E

AMD K8 rev F and later implements a bit SYSCFG_MSR_TOM2WB to
mark dram memory above 4GB as WB. However, AMD K8
rev E and earlier don't implement this bit and therefore need
MTRR spanning dram memory above 4GB. The current implementation
of amd_setup_mtrrs never generate MTRR above 4GB.
This caused memory > 4GB not to be recognized in e.g. Linux on those
rev E or older platforms. This commit should fix that bug.

Signed-off-by: Oskar Enoksson <>
Change-Id: Ie568a52a8eb355969c86964d5afc4692e60f69c1
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Reviewed-by: Marc Jones <>
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