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#include <stdint.h>
#include <stddef.h>
#define IORESOURCE_BITS 0x000000ff /* Bus-specific bits */
#define IORESOURCE_IO 0x00000100 /* Resource type */
#define IORESOURCE_MEM 0x00000200
#define IORESOURCE_IRQ 0x00000400
#define IORESOURCE_DRQ 0x00000800
#define IORESOURCE_PREFETCH 0x00001000 /* No side effects */
#define IORESOURCE_READONLY 0x00002000
#define IORESOURCE_CACHEABLE 0x00004000
#define IORESOURCE_SHADOWABLE 0x00010000
#define IORESOURCE_BUS_HAS_VGA 0x00020000
/* This resource filters all of the unclaimed transactions to the bus below. */
/* The IO resource has a bus below it. */
#define IORESOURCE_BRIDGE 0x00080000
/* The resource needs to be reserved in the coreboot table */
#define IORESOURCE_RESERVE 0x10000000
/* The IO resource assignment has been stored in the device */
#define IORESOURCE_STORED 0x20000000
/* An IO resource that has been assigned a value */
#define IORESOURCE_ASSIGNED 0x40000000
/* An IO resource the allocator must not change */
#define IORESOURCE_FIXED 0x80000000
/* PCI specific resource bits (IORESOURCE_BITS) */
#define IORESOURCE_PCI64 (1<<0) /* 64bit long pci resource */
#define IORESOURCE_PCI_BRIDGE (1<<1) /* A bridge pci resource */
typedef u64 resource_t;
struct resource {
resource_t base; /* Base address of the resource */
resource_t size; /* Size of the resource */
resource_t limit; /* Largest valid value base + size -1 */
DEVTREE_CONST struct resource *next; /* Next resource in the list */
unsigned long flags; /* Descriptions of the kind of resource */
unsigned long index; /* Bus specific per device resource id */
unsigned char align; /* Required alignment (log 2) of the resource */
unsigned char gran; /* Granularity (log 2) of the resource */
/* Alignment must be >= the granularity of the resource */
/* Macros to generate index values for resources */
#define IOINDEX_SUBTRACTIVE(IDX, LINK) (0x10000000 + ((IDX) << 8) + LINK)
#define IOINDEX(IDX, LINK) (((LINK) << 16) + IDX)
#define IOINDEX_LINK(IDX) ((IDX & 0xf0000) >> 16)
#define IOINDEX_IDX(IDX) (IDX & 0xffff)
/* Generic resource helper functions */
struct device;
struct bus;
extern void compact_resources(struct device *dev);
extern struct resource *probe_resource(const struct device *dev,
unsigned int index);
extern struct resource *new_resource(struct device *dev, unsigned int index);
extern struct resource *find_resource(const struct device *dev,
unsigned int index);
extern resource_t resource_end(struct resource *resource);
extern resource_t resource_max(struct resource *resource);
extern void report_resource_stored(struct device *dev,
struct resource *resource, const char *comment);
typedef void (*resource_search_t)(void *gp, struct device *dev,
struct resource *res);
extern void search_bus_resources(struct bus *bus,
unsigned long type_mask, unsigned long type,
resource_search_t search, void *gp);
extern void search_global_resources(
unsigned long type_mask, unsigned long type,
resource_search_t search, void *gp);
extern const char *resource_type(struct resource *resource);
static inline void *res2mmio(struct resource *res, unsigned long offset,
unsigned long mask)
return (void *)(uintptr_t)((res->base + offset) & ~mask);
#endif /* DEVICE_RESOURCE_H */