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  1. abuild/
  2. acpi/
  3. amdfwtool/
  4. amdtools/
  5. archive/
  6. autoport/
  7. bimgtool/
  8. bincfg/
  9. board_status/
  10. bucts/
  11. cavium/
  12. cbfstool/
  13. cbmem/
  14. chromeos/
  15. crossgcc/
  16. docker/
  17. dtd_parser/
  18. ectool/
  19. exynos/
  20. find_usbdebug/
  21. futility/
  22. fuzz-tests/
  23. genbuild_h/
  24. genprof/
  25. gitconfig/
  26. ifdtool/
  27. intelmetool/
  28. inteltool/
  29. intelvbttool/
  30. ipqheader/
  31. k8resdump/
  32. kbc1126/
  33. kconfig/
  34. lint/
  35. mainboard/
  36. marvell/
  37. me_cleaner/
  38. mma/
  39. msrtool/
  40. mtkheader/
  41. nvidia/
  42. nvramtool/
  43. pmh7tool/
  44. post/
  45. qualcomm/
  46. release/
  47. riscv/
  48. rockchip/
  49. romcc/
  50. sconfig/
  51. scripts/
  52. showdevicetree/
  53. spdtool/
  54. spkmodem_recv/
  55. superiotool/
  56. testing/
  57. uio_usbdebug/
  58. util_readme/
  59. vgabios/
  60. viatool/
  61. x86/
  62. xcompile/
  • abuild - coreboot autobuild script builds coreboot images for all available targets. bash
  • acpi - Walk through all ACPI tables with their addresses. bash
  • amdfwtool - Create AMD Firmware combination C
  • amdtools - A set of tools to compare extended) K8 memory settings. Perl
  • archive - Concatenate files and create an archive C
  • mksunxiboot - A simple tool to generate bootable image for sunxi platform. C
  • autoport - Automated porting coreboot to Sandy Bridge/Ivy Bridge platforms Go
  • bimgtool - A simple tool which generates and verifies boot images in the BIMG format, used in systems designed by Imagination Technologies, for example the Pistachio SoC. C
  • bincfg - Compiler/Decompiler for data blobs with specs Lex Yacc
  • board_status - Tools to collect logs and upload them to the board status repository Bash Go
  • bucts - A tool to manipulate the BUC.TS bit on Intel targets. C
  • cavium - Devicetree_convert Tool to convert a DTB to a static C file Python
  • cbfstool
    • cbfstool - For manipulating CBFS file C
    • fmaptool - Converts plaintext fmd files into fmap blobs C
    • rmodtool - Creates rmodules C
    • ifwitool - For manipulating IFWI C
  • cbmem - Cbmem console log reader C
  • checklist - Board implementation checklist generator Make
  • chromeos - These scripts can be used to extract System Agent reference code and other blobs (e.g. mrc.bin, refcode, VGA option roms) from a Chrome OS recovery image. C
  • crossgcc - A cross toolchain builder for -elf toolchains (ie. no libc support)
  • docker - Dockerfiles for coreboot-sdk, coreboot-jenkins-node, and
  • dtd_parser - DTD structure parser Python2
  • ectool - Dumps the RAM of a laptop's Embedded/Environmental Controller (EC). C
  • exynos - Computes and fills Exynos ROM checksum (for BL1 or BL2). Python2
  • find_usbdebug - Help find USB debug ports
  • futility - Firmware utility for signing ChromeOS images Make
  • fuzz-tests - Create test cases that crash the jpeg code. C
  • genbuild_h - Generate build system definitions Shell
  • genprof - Format function tracing logs Bash C
  • gitconfig - Initialize git repository submodules install git hooks Bash
  • ifdtool - Extract and dump Intel Firmware Descriptor information C
  • intelmetool - Dump interesting things about Management Engine even if hidden C
  • inteltool - Provides information about the Intel CPU/chipset hardware configuration (register contents, MSRs, etc). C
  • intelvbttool - Parse VBT from VGA BIOS C
  • ipqheader
    • - Concatentates XBL segments into one ELF image Python
    • - Returns a packed MBN header image with the specified base and size Python
    • - Generate ipq8064 uber SBL Python
    • - Contains all MBN Utilities for image generation Python
  • k8resdump - This program will dump the IO/memory/PCI resources from the K8 memory controller C
  • kbc1126 - Tools used to dump the two blobs from the factory firmware of many HP laptops with 8051-based SMSC KBC1098/KBC1126 embedded controller and insert them to the firmware image. C
  • kconfig - Build system Make
  • lint - Source linter and linting rules Shell
  • marvell - Add U-Boot boot loader for Marvell ARMADA38X C
  • me_cleaner - Tool for partial deblobbing of Intel ME/TXE firmware images Python
  • mma - Memory Margin Analysis automation tests Bash
  • msrtool - Dumps chipset-specific MSR registers. C
  • mtkheader - Generate MediaTek bootload header. Python2
  • nvidia - nvidia blob parsers
  • nvramtool - Reads and writes coreboot parameters and displaying information from the coreboot table in CMOS/NVRAM. C
  • pmh7tool - Dumps, reads and writes PMH7 registers on Lenovo ThinkPads. PMH7 is used for switching on and off the power of some devices on the board such as dGPU. C
  • post - Userspace utility that can be used to test POST cards. C
  • qualcomm - CMM script to debug Qualcomm coreboot environments. CMM
  • release - Generate coreboot release Bash
  • riscv
    • - Converts a flat file into an ELF, that can be passed to SPIKE, the RISC-V reference emulator.Bash
    • - Wraps the bootblock in a GPT partition for SiFive's bootrom. Python3
  • rockchip - Generate Rockchip idblock bootloader. Python2
  • romcc - Compile a C source file generating a binary that does not implicitly use RAM. C
  • sconfig - coreboot device tree compiler Lex Yacc
  • scripts
    • config - Manipulate options in a .config file from the command line Bash
    • cross-repo-cherrypick - Pull in patches from another tree from a gerrit repository. Shell
    • -Converts a depthcharge fmap.dts into an fmaptool compatible .fmd format Bash
    • - Points out Kconfig variables that may be unused. There are some false positives, but it serves as a starting point Shell
    • gerrit-rebase - Applies all commits that from-branch has over to-branch, based on a common ancestor and gerrit meta-data Bash
    • - Print selected MAINTAINERS information for the files modified in a patch or for a file Perl
    • maintainers.go - Build subsystem Maintainers Go
    • - Removes various FSF addresses from license headers Shell
    • - Script to alphabetize MAINTAINERS file Perl
    • - Microcode conversion tool Bash
    • update_submodules - Check all submodules for updates Bash
  • showdevicetree - Compile and dump the device tree C
  • spkmodem_recv - Decode spkmodem signals C
  • superiotool - A user-space utility to detect Super I/O of a mainboard and provide detailed information about the register contents of the Super I/O. C
  • testing - coreboot test targets Make
  • uio_usbdebug - Debug coreboot's usbdebug driver inside a running operating system (only Linux at this time). C
  • util_readme - Creates of description files in ./util subdirectories Bash
  • vgabios - emulated vga driver for qemu C
  • viatool - Extract certain configuration bits on VIA chipsets and CPUs. C
  • x86 - Generates 32-bit PAE page tables based on a CSV input file. Go
  • xcompile - Cross compile setup Bash