Kconfig: Move CBFS_SIZE into Mainboard menu

The CBFS size is really mainboard specific, since it really depends on
size of the chip on the mainboard, so it makes sense to have it in
the mainboard menu along with the ROM-chip size.

- Move the CBFS_SIZE definition up in src/kconfig
- Move the Mainboard Menu markers out of src/mainboard/kconfig into
src/Kconfig so CBFS_SIZE can live in the mainboard menu.
- Add a long list setting default values to do what the chipset
directories were previously defaulting the values to.  This will
be trimmed down in a following patch that creates a common set of
IFD routines.  (Who knew that kconfig supported line wrapping?)
- Update the help text.

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Signed-off-by: Martin Roth <gaumless@gmail.com>
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