util/mma: Add tools to support (semi) automation test of mma

mma_automated_test.sh takes a config file (/usr/local/mma/tests) as
input and executes all tests mentioned in the config file.

format of the config file is one or more lines mentioned below.

	<MMA test name> <MMA test param> <#count>

e.g. consider following config file.

	Margin1D.efi Margin1DRxVrefConfig.bin 4
	RMT.efi RMTConfig.bin 1
	MarginMapper.efi ScoreTxVref-TxDqDelayConfigCh1.bin 2
	Margin2D.efi Margin2D_Cmd_Ch0_D1_R0_Config.bin 3

This will execute Margin1D.efi MMA test 4 times with
Margin1DRxVrefConfig.bin param and results will be stored
in DUT under /usr/local/mma/results_<date-time-stamp>
with Margin1D_Margin1DRxVrefConfig_1.bin to
Margin1D_Margin1DRxVrefConfig_4.bin name.  Subsequently all tests
will be executed and results will be stored.

/etc/init/mma.conf invokes mma_automated_test.sh when DUT
starts. And if valid test config is preset at /usr/local/mma/tests,
mma_automated_test.sh will continue executing the tests.  Each time
DUT will be rebooted and next test in sequence will be executed.

Overall follow these steps to start MMA.
(1) create /usr/local/mma/tests file with the syntax mentioned above.
(2) either reboot the DUT (mma.conf will be called at each boot time,
which would run the mma_automated_test.sh) or execute "start mma"
command (to save a reboot cycle.)
(3) all test results can be found under
/usr/local/mma/results_<date-time-stamp> where <date-time-stamp> is
YY_MM_DD_HH_mm format (YEAR_MONTH_DAY_HOUR_MINUTE) when you started
the mma tests.

TEST=Build and Boot kunimitsu (FAB3). MMA automation tests executes
and results get saved.

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