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Paul Menzel60621142020-03-11 01:56:50 +01001
2coreboot-4.11-1557-g69a88ddb5d Tue Mar 10 20:50:12 UTC 2020 bootblock starting (log level: 8)...
3FMAP: Found "FLASH" version 1.1 at 0x0.
4FMAP: base = 0xffe00000 size = 0x200000 #areas = 3
5FMAP: area COREBOOT found @ 200 (2096640 bytes)
6CBFS: Locating 'fallback/romstage'
7CBFS: Found @ offset 80 size c23c
8BS: bootblock times (exec / console): total (unknown) / 1 ms
9PROG_RUN: Setting MTRR to cache XIP stage. base: 0xffe00000, size: 0x00010000
12coreboot-4.11-1557-g69a88ddb5d Tue Mar 10 20:50:12 UTC 2020 romstage starting (log level: 8)...
13SMBus controller enabled
14Setting up static southbridge registers... done.
15Disabling Watchdog reboot... done.
17Mobile Intel(R) 82945PM Express Chipset
18(G)MCH capable of up to FSB 800 MHz
19(G)MCH capable of up to DDR2-667
20Setting up static northbridge registers...FMAP: area COREBOOT found @ 200 (2096640 bytes)
21CBFS: Locating 'cmos_layout.bin'
22CBFS: Found @ offset 34cc0 size 680
23 done.
24Waiting for MCHBAR to come up...ok
25SB: Resume from S3 detected.
26Setting up RAM controller.
27This mainboard supports Dual Channel Operation.
28Reading SPD using i2c block operation.
29DDR II Channel 0 Socket 0: x8DDS
30DIMM 0 side 0 = 512 MB
31DIMM 0 side 1 = 512 MB
32DDR II Channel 0 Socket 1: N/A
33Reading SPD using i2c block operation.
34DDR II Channel 1 Socket 0: x8DDS
35DIMM 2 side 0 = 1024 MB
36DIMM 2 side 1 = 1024 MB
37DDR II Channel 1 Socket 1: N/A
38Memory will be driven at 667MT with CAS=5 clocks
39tRAS = 15 cycles
40tRP = 5 cycles
41tRCD = 5 cycles
42tWR = 5 cycles
43tRFC = 43 cycles
44Refresh: 7.8us
45Setting Graphics Frequency...
46FSB: 667 MHz Voltage: 1.05V Render: 250MHz Display: 200MHz
47Setting Memory Frequency... CLKCFG = 0x00010023, CLKCFG = 0x00010043, ok
48Setting mode of operation for memory channels...Dual Channel Asymmetric.
49Programming Clock Crossing...MEM=667 FSB=667... ok
50Setting RAM size...
51C0DRB = 0x20202010
52C1DRB = 0x60606040
53TOLUD = 0x00c0
54Setting row attributes...
55C0DRA = 0x0033
56C1DRA = 0x0033
57DIMM2 has 8 banks.
58one dimm per channel config..
59Initializing System Memory IO...
60Programming Dual Channel RCOMP
61Table Index: 18
62Programming DLL Timings...
63Enabling System Memory IO...
64RAM initialization finished.
65Setting up Egress Port RCRB
66Loading port arbitration table ...ok
67Wait for VC1 negotiation ...ok
68Setting up DMI RCRB
69Wait for VC1 negotiation ...done..
70Internal graphics: enabled
71Waiting for DMI hardware...ok
72Enabling PCI Express x16 Link
73SLOTSTS: 0048
74PCIe link training ... Detected PCIe device 1002:7149
75PCIe x16 link training succeeded.
76PCIe device class: 030000
77PCIe device is VGA. Disabling IGD.
78Setting up Root Complex Topology
79SMM Memory Map
80SMRAM : 0xbfe00000 0x200000
81 Subregion 0: 0xbfe00000 0x100000
82 Subregion 1: 0xbff00000 0x100000
83 Subregion 2: 0xc0000000 0x0
84MTRR Range: Start=bf400000 End=bf800000 (Size 400000)
85MTRR Range: Start=bf800000 End=bfc00000 (Size 400000)
86MTRR Range: Start=bfe00000 End=c0000000 (Size 200000)
87MTRR Range: Start=ffe00000 End=0 (Size 200000)
88BS: romstage times (exec / console): total (unknown) / 4 ms
91coreboot-4.11-1557-g69a88ddb5d Tue Mar 10 20:50:12 UTC 2020 postcar starting (log level: 7)...
92Jumping to image.
95coreboot-4.11-1557-g69a88ddb5d Tue Mar 10 20:50:12 UTC 2020 ramstage starting (log level: 7)...
96S3 Resume
97Enumerating buses...
98Root Device scanning...
99CPU_CLUSTER: 0 enabled
100DOMAIN: 0000 enabled
101DOMAIN: 0000 scanning...
102PCI: pci_scan_bus for bus 00
103PCI: 00:00.0 [8086/27a0] enabled
104PCI: 00:01.0 subordinate bus PCI Express
105PCI: 00:01.0 [8086/27a1] enabled
106PCI: Static device PCI: 00:02.0 not found, disabling it.
107PCI: Static device PCI: 00:02.1 not found, disabling it.
108PCI: 00:1b.0 [8086/27d8] enabled
109PCI: 00:1c.0 [8086/27d0] enabled
110PCI: 00:1c.1 [8086/27d2] enabled
111PCI: 00:1c.2 [8086/27d4] enabled
112PCI: 00:1c.3 [8086/27d6] enabled
113PCI: 00:1c.4: Disabling device
114PCI: 00:1c.5: Disabling device
115PCI: 00:1d.0 [8086/27c8] enabled
116PCI: 00:1d.1 [8086/27c9] enabled
117PCI: 00:1d.2 [8086/27ca] enabled
118PCI: 00:1d.3 [8086/27cb] enabled
119PCI: 00:1d.7 [8086/27cc] enabled
120PCI: 00:1e.0 [8086/2448] enabled
121PCI: 00:1e.2: Disabling device
122PCI: 00:1e.2: Disabling device
123PCI: 00:1e.2 [8086/27de] disabled
124PCI: 00:1e.3: Disabling device
125PCI: 00:1e.3: Disabling device
126PCI: 00:1e.3 [8086/27dd] disabled
127PCI: 00:1f.0 [8086/27b9] enabled
128PCI: 00:1f.1 [8086/27df] enabled
129Set SATA mode early
130Set SATA mode early
131PCI: 00:1f.2 [8086/27c5] enabled
132PCI: 00:1f.3 [8086/27da] enabled
133PCI: Leftover static devices:
134PCI: 00:02.0
135PCI: 00:02.1
136PCI: 00:1c.4
137PCI: 00:1c.5
138PCI: Check your devicetree.cb.
139PCI: 00:01.0 scanning...
140PCI: pci_scan_bus for bus 01
141PCI: 01:00.0 [1002/7149] enabled
142PCIE CLK PM is not supported by endpoint
143ASPM: Enabled L0s and L1
144PCIe: Max_Payload_Size adjusted to 128
145Failed to enable LTR for dev = PCI: 01:00.0
146scan_bus: bus PCI: 00:01.0 finished in 0 msecs
147PCI: 00:1c.0 scanning...
148PCI: pci_scan_bus for bus 02
149PCI: 02:00.0 [8086/109a] enabled
150scan_bus: bus PCI: 00:1c.0 finished in 0 msecs
151PCI: 00:1c.1 scanning...
152PCI: pci_scan_bus for bus 03
153scan_bus: bus PCI: 00:1c.1 finished in 0 msecs
154PCI: 00:1c.2 scanning...
155PCI: pci_scan_bus for bus 04
156scan_bus: bus PCI: 00:1c.2 finished in 0 msecs
157PCI: 00:1c.3 scanning...
158PCI: pci_scan_bus for bus 05
159scan_bus: bus PCI: 00:1c.3 finished in 0 msecs
160PCI: 00:1e.0 scanning...
161PCI: pci_scan_bus for bus 06
162PCI: 06:00.0 [104c/ac56] enabled
163scan_bus: bus PCI: 00:1e.0 finished in 0 msecs
164PCI: 00:1f.0 scanning...
165PMH7: ID 03 Revision 10
166PNP: 00ff.1 enabled
167H8: EC Firmware ID 79HT50WW-3.4, Version 7.01A
168No CMOS option 'usb_always_on'.
169H8: BDC detection not implemented. Assuming BDC installed
170H8: WWAN detection not implemented. Assuming WWAN installed
171No CMOS option 'fn_ctrl_swap'.
172PNP: 00ff.2 enabled
173PNP: 164e.2 enabled
174PNP: 164e.3 disabled
175PNP: 164e.7 enabled
176PNP: 164e.19 enabled
177PNP: 002e.0 disabled
178PNP: 002e.1 enabled
179PNP: 002e.2 disabled
180PNP: 002e.3 enabled
181PNP: 002e.7 enabled
182PNP: 002e.a disabled
183scan_bus: bus PCI: 00:1f.0 finished in 9 msecs
184PCI: 00:1f.3 scanning...
185bus: PCI: 00:1f.3[0]->I2C: 01:69 enabled
186bus: PCI: 00:1f.3[0]->I2C: 01:54 enabled
187bus: PCI: 00:1f.3[0]->I2C: 01:55 enabled
188bus: PCI: 00:1f.3[0]->I2C: 01:56 enabled
189bus: PCI: 00:1f.3[0]->I2C: 01:57 enabled
190bus: PCI: 00:1f.3[0]->I2C: 01:5c enabled
191bus: PCI: 00:1f.3[0]->I2C: 01:5d enabled
192bus: PCI: 00:1f.3[0]->I2C: 01:5e enabled
193bus: PCI: 00:1f.3[0]->I2C: 01:5f enabled
194scan_bus: bus PCI: 00:1f.3 finished in 0 msecs
195scan_bus: bus DOMAIN: 0000 finished in 10 msecs
196scan_bus: bus Root Device finished in 10 msecs
198BS: BS_DEV_ENUMERATE run times (exec / console): 10 / 0 ms
199found VGA at PCI: 01:00.0
200Setting up VGA for PCI: 01:00.0
201Setting PCI_BRIDGE_CTL_VGA for bridge PCI: 00:01.0
202Setting PCI_BRIDGE_CTL_VGA for bridge DOMAIN: 0000
203Setting PCI_BRIDGE_CTL_VGA for bridge Root Device
204Allocating resources...
205Reading resources...
206pci_tolm: 0xffffffff
207TSEG decoded, subtracting 2M
208Unused RAM between cbmem_top and TOM: 0x800K
209Available memory: 3141632K (3068M)
210Adding PCIe enhanced config space BAR 0xf0000000-0xf4000000.
211PNP: 00ff.1 missing read_resources
212PNP: 00ff.2 missing read_resources
213Done reading resources.
214skipping PNP: 00ff.2@60 fixed resource, size=0!
215skipping PNP: 00ff.2@62 fixed resource, size=0!
216skipping PNP: 00ff.2@64 fixed resource, size=0!
217skipping PNP: 00ff.2@66 fixed resource, size=0!
218Setting resources...
219DOMAIN: 0000 03 <- [0x0000000000 - 0x000009ffff] size 0x000a0000 gran 0x00 mem
220DOMAIN: 0000 04 <- [0x00000c0000 - 0x00bfffffff] size 0xbff40000 gran 0x00 mem
221DOMAIN: 0000 06 <- [0x00bfe00000 - 0x00bfffffff] size 0x00200000 gran 0x00 mem
222DOMAIN: 0000 07 <- [0x00bfc00000 - 0x00bfdfffff] size 0x00200000 gran 0x00 mem
223PCI: 00:01.0 1c <- [0x0000004000 - 0x0000004fff] size 0x00001000 gran 0x0c bus 01 io
224PCI: 00:01.0 24 <- [0x00e0000000 - 0x00e7ffffff] size 0x08000000 gran 0x14 bus 01 prefmem
225PCI: 00:01.0 20 <- [0x00ec100000 - 0x00ec1fffff] size 0x00100000 gran 0x14 bus 01 mem
226PCI: 01:00.0 10 <- [0x00e0000000 - 0x00e7ffffff] size 0x08000000 gran 0x1b prefmem
227PCI: 01:00.0 14 <- [0x0000004000 - 0x00000040ff] size 0x00000100 gran 0x08 io
228PCI: 01:00.0 18 <- [0x00ec120000 - 0x00ec12ffff] size 0x00010000 gran 0x10 mem
229PCI: 01:00.0 30 <- [0x00ec100000 - 0x00ec11ffff] size 0x00020000 gran 0x11 romem
230PCI: 00:1b.0 10 <- [0x00ec300000 - 0x00ec303fff] size 0x00004000 gran 0x0e mem64
231PCI: 00:1c.0 1c <- [0x0000005000 - 0x0000005fff] size 0x00001000 gran 0x0c bus 02 io
232PCI: 00:1c.0 24 <- [0x00efffffff - 0x00effffffe] size 0x00000000 gran 0x14 bus 02 prefmem
233PCI: 00:1c.0 20 <- [0x00ec200000 - 0x00ec2fffff] size 0x00100000 gran 0x14 bus 02 mem
234PCI: 02:00.0 10 <- [0x00ec200000 - 0x00ec21ffff] size 0x00020000 gran 0x11 mem
235PCI: 02:00.0 18 <- [0x0000005000 - 0x000000501f] size 0x00000020 gran 0x05 io
236PCI: 00:1c.1 1c <- [0x000000ffff - 0x000000fffe] size 0x00000000 gran 0x0c bus 03 io
237PCI: 00:1c.1 24 <- [0x00efffffff - 0x00effffffe] size 0x00000000 gran 0x14 bus 03 prefmem
238PCI: 00:1c.1 20 <- [0x00efffffff - 0x00effffffe] size 0x00000000 gran 0x14 bus 03 mem
239PCI: 00:1c.2 1c <- [0x000000ffff - 0x000000fffe] size 0x00000000 gran 0x0c bus 04 io
240PCI: 00:1c.2 24 <- [0x00efffffff - 0x00effffffe] size 0x00000000 gran 0x14 bus 04 prefmem
241PCI: 00:1c.2 20 <- [0x00efffffff - 0x00effffffe] size 0x00000000 gran 0x14 bus 04 mem
242PCI: 00:1c.3 1c <- [0x000000ffff - 0x000000fffe] size 0x00000000 gran 0x0c bus 05 io
243PCI: 00:1c.3 24 <- [0x00efffffff - 0x00effffffe] size 0x00000000 gran 0x14 bus 05 prefmem
244PCI: 00:1c.3 20 <- [0x00efffffff - 0x00effffffe] size 0x00000000 gran 0x14 bus 05 mem
245PCI: 00:1d.0 20 <- [0x0000006000 - 0x000000601f] size 0x00000020 gran 0x05 io
246PCI: 00:1d.1 20 <- [0x0000006020 - 0x000000603f] size 0x00000020 gran 0x05 io
247PCI: 00:1d.2 20 <- [0x0000006040 - 0x000000605f] size 0x00000020 gran 0x05 io
248PCI: 00:1d.3 20 <- [0x0000006060 - 0x000000607f] size 0x00000020 gran 0x05 io
249PCI: 00:1d.7 10 <- [0x00ec304000 - 0x00ec3043ff] size 0x00000400 gran 0x0a mem
250PCI: 00:1e.0 1c <- [0x0000002000 - 0x0000003fff] size 0x00002000 gran 0x0c bus 06 io
251PCI: 00:1e.0 24 <- [0x00ea100000 - 0x00ec0fffff] size 0x02000000 gran 0x14 bus 06 prefmem
252PCI: 00:1e.0 20 <- [0x00e8000000 - 0x00ea0fffff] size 0x02100000 gran 0x14 bus 06 mem
253PCI: 06:00.0 10 <- [0x00ea000000 - 0x00ea000fff] size 0x00001000 gran 0x0c mem
254PCI: 06:00.0 2c <- [0x0000002000 - 0x0000002fff] size 0x00001000 gran 0x02 io
255PCI: 06:00.0 34 <- [0x0000003000 - 0x0000003fff] size 0x00001000 gran 0x02 io
256PCI: 06:00.0 1c <- [0x00ea100000 - 0x00ec0fffff] size 0x02000000 gran 0x0c prefmem
257PCI: 06:00.0 24 <- [0x00e8000000 - 0x00e9ffffff] size 0x02000000 gran 0x0c mem
258PNP: 00ff.1 missing set_resources
259PNP: 00ff.2 missing set_resources
260PNP: 164e.2 60 <- [0x00000002f8 - 0x00000002ff] size 0x00000008 gran 0x03 io
261ERROR: PNP: 164e.2 70 irq size: 0x0000000001 not assigned in devicetree
262ERROR: PNP: 164e.2 74 drq size: 0x0000000001 not assigned in devicetree
263ERROR: PNP: 164e.2 75 drq size: 0x0000000001 not assigned in devicetree
264PNP: 164e.7 60 <- [0x0000001680 - 0x000000168f] size 0x00000010 gran 0x04 io
265ERROR: PNP: 164e.7 70 irq size: 0x0000000001 not assigned in devicetree
266PNP: 164e.19 60 <- [0x000000164c - 0x000000164d] size 0x00000002 gran 0x01 io
267ERROR: PNP: 164e.19 70 irq size: 0x0000000001 not assigned in devicetree
268PNP: 002e.1 60 <- [0x00000003bc - 0x00000003c3] size 0x00000008 gran 0x03 io
269PNP: 002e.1 70 <- [0x0000000007 - 0x0000000007] size 0x00000001 gran 0x00 irq
270ERROR: PNP: 002e.1 74 drq size: 0x0000000001 not assigned in devicetree
271PNP: 002e.3 60 <- [0x00000003f8 - 0x00000003ff] size 0x00000008 gran 0x03 io
272PNP: 002e.3 70 <- [0x0000000004 - 0x0000000004] size 0x00000001 gran 0x00 irq
273PNP: 002e.7 60 <- [0x0000001620 - 0x000000162f] size 0x00000010 gran 0x04 io
274ERROR: PNP: 002e.7 70 irq size: 0x0000000001 not assigned in devicetree
275PCI: 00:1f.1 10 <- [0x00000060b0 - 0x00000060b7] size 0x00000008 gran 0x03 io
276PCI: 00:1f.1 14 <- [0x00000060d0 - 0x00000060d3] size 0x00000004 gran 0x02 io
277PCI: 00:1f.1 18 <- [0x00000060b8 - 0x00000060bf] size 0x00000008 gran 0x03 io
278PCI: 00:1f.1 1c <- [0x00000060d4 - 0x00000060d7] size 0x00000004 gran 0x02 io
279PCI: 00:1f.1 20 <- [0x00000060a0 - 0x00000060af] size 0x00000010 gran 0x04 io
280PCI: 00:1f.2 10 <- [0x00000060c0 - 0x00000060c7] size 0x00000008 gran 0x03 io
281PCI: 00:1f.2 14 <- [0x00000060d8 - 0x00000060db] size 0x00000004 gran 0x02 io
282PCI: 00:1f.2 18 <- [0x00000060c8 - 0x00000060cf] size 0x00000008 gran 0x03 io
283PCI: 00:1f.2 1c <- [0x00000060dc - 0x00000060df] size 0x00000004 gran 0x02 io
284PCI: 00:1f.2 20 <- [0x0000006080 - 0x000000609f] size 0x00000020 gran 0x05 io
285PCI: 00:1f.2 24 <- [0x00ec305000 - 0x00ec3053ff] size 0x00000400 gran 0x0a mem
286Done setting resources.
287Done allocating resources.
288BS: BS_DEV_RESOURCES run times (exec / console): 2 / 0 ms
289Enabling resources...
290PCI: 00:00.0 subsystem <- 17aa/2015
291PCI: 00:00.0 cmd <- 06
292PCI: 00:01.0 bridge ctrl <- 001b
293PCI: 00:01.0 cmd <- 07
294PCI: 00:1b.0 subsystem <- 17aa/2010
295PCI: 00:1b.0 cmd <- 102
296PCI: 00:1c.0 bridge ctrl <- 0013
297PCI: 00:1c.0 subsystem <- 17aa/2001
298PCI: 00:1c.0 cmd <- 107
299PCI: 00:1c.1 bridge ctrl <- 0013
300PCI: 00:1c.1 subsystem <- 8086/27d2
301PCI: 00:1c.1 cmd <- 100
302PCI: 00:1c.2 bridge ctrl <- 0013
303PCI: 00:1c.2 subsystem <- 8086/27d4
304PCI: 00:1c.2 cmd <- 100
305PCI: 00:1c.3 bridge ctrl <- 0013
306PCI: 00:1c.3 subsystem <- 8086/27d6
307PCI: 00:1c.3 cmd <- 100
308PCI: 00:1d.0 subsystem <- 17aa/200a
309PCI: 00:1d.0 cmd <- 01
310PCI: 00:1d.1 subsystem <- 17aa/200a
311PCI: 00:1d.1 cmd <- 01
312PCI: 00:1d.2 subsystem <- 17aa/200a
313PCI: 00:1d.2 cmd <- 01
314PCI: 00:1d.3 subsystem <- 17aa/200a
315PCI: 00:1d.3 cmd <- 01
316PCI: 00:1d.7 subsystem <- 17aa/200b
317PCI: 00:1d.7 cmd <- 102
318PCI: 00:1e.0 bridge ctrl <- 0013
319PCI: 00:1e.0 subsystem <- 8086/2448
320PCI: 00:1e.0 cmd <- 107
321PCI: 00:1f.0 subsystem <- 8086/27b9
322PCI: 00:1f.0 cmd <- 107
323PCI: 00:1f.1 subsystem <- 17aa/200c
324PCI: 00:1f.1 cmd <- 01
325PCI: 00:1f.2 subsystem <- 17aa/200d
326PCI: 00:1f.2 cmd <- 03
327PCI: 00:1f.3 subsystem <- 8086/27da
328PCI: 00:1f.3 cmd <- 101
329PCI: 01:00.0 subsystem <- 17aa/20a4
330PCI: 01:00.0 cmd <- 03
331PCI: 02:00.0 cmd <- 03
332PCI: 06:00.0 bridge ctrl <- 0143
333PCI: 06:00.0 subsystem <- 17aa/2012
334PCI: 06:00.0 cmd <- 03
336Initializing devices...
337Root Device init
338Root Device init finished in 0 msecs
339CPU_CLUSTER: 0 init
340FMAP: area COREBOOT found @ 200 (2096640 bytes)
341CBFS: Locating 'cpu_microcode_blob.bin'
342CBFS: Found @ offset c340 size 15000
343microcode: sig=0x6f2 pf=0x20 revision=0x0
344microcode: updated to revision 0x5c date=2010-10-02
345MTRR: Physical address space:
3460x0000000000000000 - 0x00000000000a0000 size 0x000a0000 type 6
3470x00000000000a0000 - 0x00000000000c0000 size 0x00020000 type 0
3480x00000000000c0000 - 0x00000000bfc00000 size 0xbfb40000 type 6
3490x00000000bfc00000 - 0x00000000e0000000 size 0x20400000 type 0
3500x00000000e0000000 - 0x00000000e8000000 size 0x08000000 type 1
3510x00000000e8000000 - 0x0000000100000000 size 0x18000000 type 0
352MTRR: Fixed MSR 0x250 0x0606060606060606
353MTRR: Fixed MSR 0x258 0x0606060606060606
354MTRR: Fixed MSR 0x259 0x0000000000000000
355MTRR: Fixed MSR 0x268 0x0606060606060606
356MTRR: Fixed MSR 0x269 0x0606060606060606
357MTRR: Fixed MSR 0x26a 0x0606060606060606
358MTRR: Fixed MSR 0x26b 0x0606060606060606
359MTRR: Fixed MSR 0x26c 0x0606060606060606
360MTRR: Fixed MSR 0x26d 0x0606060606060606
361MTRR: Fixed MSR 0x26e 0x0606060606060606
362MTRR: Fixed MSR 0x26f 0x0606060606060606
363CPU physical address size: 36 bits
364MTRR: default type WB/UC MTRR counts: 5/4.
365MTRR: UC selected as default type.
366MTRR: 0 base 0x0000000000000000 mask 0x0000000f80000000 type 6
367MTRR: 1 base 0x0000000080000000 mask 0x0000000fc0000000 type 6
368MTRR: 2 base 0x00000000bfc00000 mask 0x0000000fffc00000 type 0
369MTRR: 3 base 0x00000000e0000000 mask 0x0000000ff8000000 type 1
371MTRR check
372Fixed MTRRs : Enabled
373Variable MTRRs: Enabled
375CPU has 2 cores.
376Setting up SMI for CPU
377Will perform SMM setup.
378CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU T5600 @ 1.83GHz.
379Loading module at 0x00030000 with entry 0x00030000. filesize: 0x170 memsize: 0x170
380Processing 16 relocs. Offset value of 0x00030000
381Attempting to start 1 APs
382Waiting for 10ms after sending INIT.
383Waiting for 1st SIPI to complete...done.
384Waiting for 2nd SIPI to complete...done.
385AP: slot 1 apic_id 1.
386Loading module at 0x00038000 with entry 0x00038000. filesize: 0x1b0 memsize: 0x1b0
387Processing 13 relocs. Offset value of 0x00038000
388SMM Module: stub loaded at 0x00038000. Will call 0xbfbaf718(0x00000000)
389Installing SMM handler to 0xbfe00000
390Loading module at 0xbfe10000 with entry 0xbfe1064b. filesize: 0x1690 memsize: 0x56e8
391Processing 70 relocs. Offset value of 0xbfe10000
392Loading module at 0xbfe08000 with entry 0xbfe08000. filesize: 0x1b0 memsize: 0x1b0
393Processing 13 relocs. Offset value of 0xbfe08000
394SMM Module: placing jmp sequence at 0xbfe07c00 rel16 0x03fd
395SMM Module: stub loaded at 0xbfe08000. Will call 0xbfe1064b(0x00000000)
396Initializing Southbridge SMI...
398New SMBASE 0xbfe00000
399In relocation handler: cpu 0
400New SMBASE=0xbfe00000
401Relocation complete.
402VMX status: enabled
403VMX status: enabled
404IA32_FEATURE_CONTROL status: locked
405IA32_FEATURE_CONTROL status: locked
406New SMBASE 0xbfdffc00
407In relocation handler: cpu 1
408New SMBASE=0xbfdffc00
409Relocation complete.
410Initializing CPU #0
411CPU: vendor Intel device 6f2
412CPU: family 06, model 0f, stepping 02
413Enabling cache
414CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU T5600 @ 1.83GHz.
415Setting up local APIC...
416 apic_id: 0x00 done.
417CPU #0 initialized
418Initializing CPU #1
419CPU: vendor Intel device 6f2
420CPU: family 06, model 0f, stepping 02
421Enabling cache
422CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU T5600 @ 1.83GHz.
423Setting up local APIC...
424 apic_id: 0x01 done.
425CPU #1 initialized
426CPU 1 going down...
427bsp_do_flight_plan done after 4 msecs.
428Initializing southbridge SMI...
433Locking SMM.
434CPU_CLUSTER: 0 init finished in 19 msecs
435PCI: 00:1b.0 init
436Azalia: codec type: Azalia
437Azalia: base = ec300000
438Azalia: codec_mask = 03
439Azalia: Initializing codec #1
440Azalia: codec viddid: 14f12bfa
441Azalia: No verb!
442Azalia: Initializing codec #0
443Azalia: codec viddid: 11d41981
444Azalia: verb_size: 44
445Azalia: verb loaded.
446PCI: 00:1b.0 init finished in 4 msecs
447PCI: 00:1c.0 init
448Initializing ICH7 PCIe bridge.
449PCI: 00:1c.0 init finished in 0 msecs
450PCI: 00:1c.1 init
451Initializing ICH7 PCIe bridge.
452PCI: 00:1c.1 init finished in 0 msecs
453PCI: 00:1c.2 init
454Initializing ICH7 PCIe bridge.
455PCI: 00:1c.2 init finished in 0 msecs
456PCI: 00:1c.3 init
457Initializing ICH7 PCIe bridge.
458PCI: 00:1c.3 init finished in 0 msecs
459PCI: 00:1d.0 init
460UHCI: Setting up controller.. done.
461PCI: 00:1d.0 init finished in 0 msecs
462PCI: 00:1d.1 init
463UHCI: Setting up controller.. done.
464PCI: 00:1d.1 init finished in 0 msecs
465PCI: 00:1d.2 init
466UHCI: Setting up controller.. done.
467PCI: 00:1d.2 init finished in 0 msecs
468PCI: 00:1d.3 init
469UHCI: Setting up controller.. done.
470PCI: 00:1d.3 init finished in 0 msecs
471PCI: 00:1d.7 init
472EHCI: Setting up controller.. done.
473PCI: 00:1d.7 init finished in 0 msecs
474PCI: 00:1e.0 init
475PCI: 00:1e.0 init finished in 0 msecs
476PCI: 00:1f.0 init
477i82801gx: lpc_init
478IOAPIC: Initializing IOAPIC at 0xfec00000
479IOAPIC: Bootstrap Processor Local APIC = 0x00
480IOAPIC: ID = 0x02
481No CMOS option 'power_on_after_fail'.
482Set power on after power failure.
483NMI sources enabled.
484rtc_failed = 0x0
485S3 wakeup, enabling ACPI via APMC
486PCI: 00:1f.0 init finished in 1 msecs
487PCI: 00:1f.1 init
488i82801gx_ide: initializing... IDE0
489PCI: 00:1f.1 init finished in 0 msecs
490PCI: 00:1f.2 init
491i82801gx_sata: initializing...
492SATA controller in AHCI mode.
493PCI: 00:1f.2 init finished in 0 msecs
494PCI: 01:00.0 init
495PCI: 01:00.0 init finished in 0 msecs
496PCI: 02:00.0 init
497PCI: 02:00.0 init finished in 0 msecs
498PCI: 06:00.0 init
499Init of Texas Instruments PCI1x2x PCMCIA/CardBus controller
500PCI: 06:00.0 init finished in 0 msecs
501PNP: 00ff.2 init
502PNP: 00ff.2 init finished in 0 msecs
503PNP: 164e.2 init
504PNP: 164e.2 init finished in 0 msecs
505PNP: 164e.7 init
506PNP: 164e.7 init finished in 0 msecs
507PNP: 164e.19 init
508PNP: 164e.19 init finished in 0 msecs
509smbus: PCI: 00:1f.3[0]->I2C: 01:69 init
510Changing 12 of the 12 ck505 config bytes.
511I2C: 01:69 init finished in 26 msecs
512smbus: PCI: 00:1f.3[0]->I2C: 01:54 init
513I2C: 01:54 init finished in 0 msecs
514smbus: PCI: 00:1f.3[0]->I2C: 01:55 init
515I2C: 01:55 init finished in 0 msecs
516smbus: PCI: 00:1f.3[0]->I2C: 01:56 init
517I2C: 01:56 init finished in 0 msecs
518smbus: PCI: 00:1f.3[0]->I2C: 01:57 init
519I2C: 01:57 init finished in 0 msecs
520smbus: PCI: 00:1f.3[0]->I2C: 01:5c init
521Locking EEPROM RFID
522init EEPROM done
523I2C: 01:5c init finished in 21 msecs
524smbus: PCI: 00:1f.3[0]->I2C: 01:5d init
525I2C: 01:5d init finished in 0 msecs
526smbus: PCI: 00:1f.3[0]->I2C: 01:5e init
527I2C: 01:5e init finished in 0 msecs
528smbus: PCI: 00:1f.3[0]->I2C: 01:5f init
529I2C: 01:5f init finished in 0 msecs
530Devices initialized
531BS: BS_DEV_INIT run times (exec / console): 75 / 0 ms
532Finalize devices...
533PCI: 00:1f.0 final
534Manufacturer: c2
535SF: Detected c2 2015 with sector size 0x1000, total 0x200000
536Devices finalized
537Trying to find the wakeup vector...
538Looking on 0x000f68b0 for valid checksum
539Checksum 1 passed
540Checksum 2 passed all OK
541RSDP found at 0x000f68b0
542RSDT found at 0xbfb5f030 ends at 0xbfb5f06c
543FADT found at 0xbfb62590
544FACS found at 0xbfb5f240
545OS waking vector is 0x0009c080
546Restore GNVS pointer to 0xbfbfea20