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Michael Bacarellafe243c92018-12-09 11:09:43 -08001*** Pre-CBMEM romstage console overflowed, log truncated! ***
3Found compatible clock, CAS pair.
4Selected DRAM frequency: 666 MHz
5Selected CAS latency : 9T
6PLL busy... done in 60 us
7MCU frequency is set at : 666 MHz
8Done dimm mapping
9Update PCI-E configuration space:
10PCI(0, 0, 0)[a0] = 0
11PCI(0, 0, 0)[a4] = 2
12PCI(0, 0, 0)[bc] = 82a00000
13PCI(0, 0, 0)[a8] = 7b600000
14PCI(0, 0, 0)[ac] = 2
15PCI(0, 0, 0)[b8] = 80000000
16PCI(0, 0, 0)[b0] = 80a00000
17PCI(0, 0, 0)[b4] = 80800000
18PCI(0, 0, 0)[7c] = 7f
19PCI(0, 0, 0)[70] = fe000000
20PCI(0, 0, 0)[74] = 1
21PCI(0, 0, 0)[78] = fe000c00
22Done memory map
23Done io registers
24t123: 1912, 9120, 500
25ME: FW Partition Table : OK
26ME: Bringup Loader Failure : NO
27ME: Firmware Init Complete : YES
28ME: Manufacturing Mode : NO
29ME: Boot Options Present : NO
30ME: Update In Progress : NO
31ME: Current Working State : Normal
32ME: Current Operation State : M0 without UMA
33ME: Current Operation Mode : Normal
34ME: Error Code : No Error
35ME: Progress Phase : Policy Module
36ME: Power Management Event : Non-power cycle reset
37ME: Progress Phase State : Entery into Policy Module
38ME: FWS2: 0x39000006
39ME: Bist in progress: 0x0
40ME: ICC Status : 0x3
41ME: Invoke MEBx : 0x0
42ME: CPU replaced : 0x0
43ME: MBP ready : 0x0
44ME: MFS failure : 0x0
45ME: Warm reset req : 0x0
46ME: CPU repl valid : 0x0
47ME: (Reserved) : 0x0
48ME: FW update req : 0x0
49ME: (Reserved) : 0x0
50ME: Current state : 0x0
51ME: Current PM event: 0x9
52ME: Progress code : 0x3
53Waited long enough, or CPU was not replaced, continue...
54PASSED! Tell ME that DRAM is ready
55ME: FWS2: 0x390b0006
56ME: Bist in progress: 0x0
57ME: ICC Status : 0x3
58ME: Invoke MEBx : 0x0
59ME: CPU replaced : 0x0
60ME: MBP ready : 0x0
61ME: MFS failure : 0x0
62ME: Warm reset req : 0x0
63ME: CPU repl valid : 0x0
64ME: (Reserved) : 0x0
65ME: FW update req : 0x0
66ME: (Reserved) : 0x0
67ME: Current state : 0xb
68ME: Current PM event: 0x9
69ME: Progress code : 0x3
70ME: Requested BIOS Action: Continue to boot
71ME: FW Partition Table : OK
72ME: Bringup Loader Failure : NO
73ME: Firmware Init Complete : NO
74ME: Manufacturing Mode : NO
75ME: Boot Options Present : NO
76ME: Update In Progress : NO
77ME: Current Working State : Normal
78ME: Current Operation State : M0 without UMA
79ME: Current Operation Mode : Normal
80ME: Error Code : No Error
81ME: Progress Phase : Policy Module
82ME: Power Management Event : Non-power cycle reset
83ME: Progress Phase State : Received DRAM Init Done
84memcfg DDR3 ref clock 133 MHz
85memcfg DDR3 clock 1330 MHz
86memcfg channel assignment: A: 0, B 1, C 2
87memcfg channel[0] config (00620010):
88 ECC inactive
89 enhanced interleave mode on
90 rank interleave on
91 DIMMA 4096 MB width x8 dual rank, selected
92 DIMMB 0 MB width x8 single rank
93memcfg channel[1] config (00620010):
94 ECC inactive
95 enhanced interleave mode on
96 rank interleave on
97 DIMMA 4096 MB width x8 dual rank, selected
98 DIMMB 0 MB width x8 single rank
100IMD: root @ 7ffff000 254 entries.
101IMD: root @ 7fffec00 62 entries.
102External stage cache:
103IMD: root @ 803ff000 254 entries.
104IMD: root @ 803fec00 62 entries.
105CBMEM entry for DIMM info: 0x7fffea40
106MTRR Range: Start=ff800000 End=0 (Size 800000)
107MTRR Range: Start=0 End=1000000 (Size 1000000)
108MTRR Range: Start=7f800000 End=80000000 (Size 800000)
109MTRR Range: Start=80000000 End=80800000 (Size 800000)
110CBFS: 'Master Header Locator' located CBFS at [720000:800000)
111CBFS: Locating 'fallback/postcar'
112CBFS: Found @ offset 3a1c0 size 3ba0
113Decompressing stage fallback/postcar @ 0x7ffcffc0 (31888 bytes)
114Loading module at 7ffd0000 with entry 7ffd0000. filesize: 0x3990 memsize: 0x7c50
115Processing 109 relocs. Offset value of 0x7dfd0000
118coreboot-4.8-2488-gb1baa980ea Sat Dec 8 16:13:46 UTC 2018 postcar starting...
119CBFS: 'Master Header Locator' located CBFS at [720000:800000)
120CBFS: Locating 'fallback/ramstage'
121CBFS: Found @ offset 19cc0 size 18731
122Decompressing stage fallback/ramstage @ 0x7ff86fc0 (293464 bytes)
123Loading module at 7ff87000 with entry 7ff87000. filesize: 0x33810 memsize: 0x47a18
124Processing 3454 relocs. Offset value of 0x7f187000
127coreboot-4.8-2488-gb1baa980ea Sat Dec 8 16:13:46 UTC 2018 ramstage starting...
128Normal boot.
129BS: BS_PRE_DEVICE times (us): entry 0 run 2 exit 0
130BS: BS_DEV_INIT_CHIPS times (us): entry 0 run 3 exit 0
131Enumerating buses...
132CPU_CLUSTER: 0 enabled
133DOMAIN: 0000 enabled
134PCI: pci_scan_bus for bus 00
135PCI: 00:00.0 [8086/0104] enabled
136PCI: Static device PCI: 00:01.0 not found, disabling it.
137PCI: 00:02.0 [8086/0126] enabled
138PCI: 00:04.0 [8086/0103] enabled
139PCI: 00:16.0: Disabling device
140PCI: 00:16.0 [8086/1c3a] disabled
141PCI: 00:16.1: Disabling device
142PCI: 00:16.2: Disabling device
143PCI: 00:16.3: Disabling device
144PCI: 00:19.0 [8086/1502] enabled
145PCI: 00:1a.0 [8086/1c2d] enabled
146PCI: 00:1b.0 [8086/1c20] enabled
147PCH: PCIe Root Port coalescing is enabled
148PCI: 00:1c.0: Disabling device
149PCI: 00:1c.0: check set enabled
150PCH: Remap PCIe function 1 to 0
151PCI: 00:1c.1 [8086/1c12] enabled
152PCI: 00:1c.2: Disabling device
153PCH: Remap PCIe function 3 to 0
154PCI: 00:1c.3 [8086/1c16] enabled
155PCH: Remap PCIe function 4 to 0
156PCI: 00:1c.4 [8086/1c18] enabled
157PCI: 00:1c.5: Disabling device
158PCI: 00:1c.6: Disabling device
159PCI: 00:1c.7: Disabling device
160PCH: PCIe map 1c.0 -> 1c.4
161PCH: PCIe map 1c.1 -> 1c.0
162PCH: PCIe map 1c.3 -> 1c.1
163PCH: PCIe map 1c.4 -> 1c.3
164PCI: 00:1d.0 [8086/1c26] enabled
165PCI: 00:1e.0: Disabling device
166PCI: 00:1e.0 [8086/2448] disabled
167PCI: 00:1f.0 [8086/1c4f] enabled
168PCI: 00:1f.2 [8086/1c01] enabled
169PCI: 00:1f.3 [8086/1c22] enabled
170PCI: 00:1f.5: Disabling device
171PCI: 00:1f.5 [8086/1c09] disabled No operations
172PCI: 00:1f.6 [8086/1c24] enabled
173PCI: pci_scan_bus for bus 01
174PCI: 01:00.0 [8086/4238] enabled
175Enabling Common Clock Configuration
176ASPM: Enabled L0s and L1
177Failed to enable LTR for dev = PCI: 01:00.0
178scan_bus: scanning of bus PCI: 00:1c.0 took 301 usecs
179PCI: pci_scan_bus for bus 02
180scan_bus: scanning of bus PCI: 00:1c.1 took 53 usecs
181PCI: pci_scan_bus for bus 03
182PCI: 03:00.0 [1180/e822] enabled
183Enabling Common Clock Configuration
184ASPM: Enabled L0s and L1
185Failed to enable LTR for dev = PCI: 03:00.0
186scan_bus: scanning of bus PCI: 00:1c.3 took 246 usecs
187PMH7: ID 04 Revision 01
188PNP: 00ff.1 enabled
189PNP: 0c31.0 enabled
190EC Firmware ID 83HT27WW-3.20, Version 1.01B
191H8: BDC installed
192H8: WWAN detection not implemented. Assuming WWAN installed
193PNP: 00ff.2 enabled
194Hybrid graphics: Not installed
195PNP: 00ff.f disabled
196scan_bus: scanning of bus PCI: 00:1f.0 took 5115 usecs
197bus: PCI: 00:1f.3[0]->I2C: 01:54 enabled
198bus: PCI: 00:1f.3[0]->I2C: 01:55 enabled
199bus: PCI: 00:1f.3[0]->I2C: 01:56 enabled
200bus: PCI: 00:1f.3[0]->I2C: 01:57 enabled
201bus: PCI: 00:1f.3[0]->I2C: 01:5c enabled
202bus: PCI: 00:1f.3[0]->I2C: 01:5d enabled
203bus: PCI: 00:1f.3[0]->I2C: 01:5e enabled
204bus: PCI: 00:1f.3[0]->I2C: 01:5f enabled
205scan_bus: scanning of bus PCI: 00:1f.3 took 26 usecs
206scan_bus: scanning of bus DOMAIN: 0000 took 6046 usecs
207scan_bus: scanning of bus Root Device took 6053 usecs
209FMAP: Found "FLASH" version 1.1 at 700000.
210FMAP: base = ff800000 size = 800000 #areas = 4
211FMAP: area RW_MRC_CACHE found @ 710000 (65536 bytes)
212MRC: No data in cbmem for 'RW_MRC_CACHE'.
213BS: BS_DEV_ENUMERATE times (us): entry 0 run 6090 exit 25
214found VGA at PCI: 00:02.0
215Setting up VGA for PCI: 00:02.0
216Setting PCI_BRIDGE_CTL_VGA for bridge DOMAIN: 0000
217Setting PCI_BRIDGE_CTL_VGA for bridge Root Device
218Allocating resources...
219Reading resources...
220Adding PCIe enhanced config space BAR 0xf0000000-0xf4000000.
221PNP: 00ff.1 missing read_resources
222PNP: 00ff.2 missing read_resources
223Done reading resources.
224skipping PNP: 00ff.2@60 fixed resource, size=0!
225skipping PNP: 00ff.2@62 fixed resource, size=0!
226skipping PNP: 00ff.2@64 fixed resource, size=0!
227skipping PNP: 00ff.2@66 fixed resource, size=0!
228Setting resources...
229TOUUD 0x27b600000 TOLUD 0x82a00000 TOM 0x200000000
230MEBASE 0x1fe000000
231IGD decoded, subtracting 32M UMA and 2M GTT
232TSEG base 0x80000000 size 8M
233Available memory below 4GB: 2048M
234Available memory above 4GB: 6070M
235PCI: 00:02.0 10 <- [0x00e1000000 - 0x00e13fffff] size 0x00400000 gran 0x16 mem64
236PCI: 00:02.0 18 <- [0x00d0000000 - 0x00dfffffff] size 0x10000000 gran 0x1c prefmem64
237PCI: 00:02.0 20 <- [0x0000003000 - 0x000000303f] size 0x00000040 gran 0x06 io
238PCI: 00:04.0 10 <- [0x00e1620000 - 0x00e1627fff] size 0x00008000 gran 0x0f mem64
239PCI: 00:19.0 10 <- [0x00e1600000 - 0x00e161ffff] size 0x00020000 gran 0x11 mem
240PCI: 00:19.0 14 <- [0x00e162c000 - 0x00e162cfff] size 0x00001000 gran 0x0c mem
241PCI: 00:19.0 18 <- [0x0000003040 - 0x000000305f] size 0x00000020 gran 0x05 io
242PCI: 00:1a.0 10 <- [0x00e162f000 - 0x00e162f3ff] size 0x00000400 gran 0x0a mem
243PCI: 00:1b.0 10 <- [0x00e1628000 - 0x00e162bfff] size 0x00004000 gran 0x0e mem64
244PCI: 00:1c.0 1c <- [0x000000ffff - 0x000000fffe] size 0x00000000 gran 0x0c bus 01 io
245PCI: 00:1c.0 24 <- [0x00efffffff - 0x00effffffe] size 0x00000000 gran 0x14 bus 01 prefmem
246PCI: 00:1c.0 20 <- [0x00e1400000 - 0x00e14fffff] size 0x00100000 gran 0x14 bus 01 mem
247PCI: 01:00.0 10 <- [0x00e1400000 - 0x00e1401fff] size 0x00002000 gran 0x0d mem64
248PCI: 00:1c.1 1c <- [0x0000002000 - 0x0000002fff] size 0x00001000 gran 0x0c bus 02 io
249PCI: 00:1c.1 24 <- [0x00e0000000 - 0x00e07fffff] size 0x00800000 gran 0x14 bus 02 prefmem
250PCI: 00:1c.1 20 <- [0x00e0800000 - 0x00e0ffffff] size 0x00800000 gran 0x14 bus 02 mem
251NONE missing set_resources
252PCI: 00:1c.3 1c <- [0x000000ffff - 0x000000fffe] size 0x00000000 gran 0x0c bus 03 io
253PCI: 00:1c.3 24 <- [0x00efffffff - 0x00effffffe] size 0x00000000 gran 0x14 bus 03 prefmem
254PCI: 00:1c.3 20 <- [0x00e1500000 - 0x00e15fffff] size 0x00100000 gran 0x14 bus 03 mem
255PCI: 03:00.0 10 <- [0x00e1500000 - 0x00e15000ff] size 0x00000100 gran 0x08 mem
256PCI: 00:1d.0 10 <- [0x00e1630000 - 0x00e16303ff] size 0x00000400 gran 0x0a mem
257PNP: 00ff.1 missing set_resources
258PNP: 00ff.2 missing set_resources
259PCI: 00:1f.2 10 <- [0x0000003080 - 0x0000003087] size 0x00000008 gran 0x03 io
260PCI: 00:1f.2 14 <- [0x0000003090 - 0x0000003093] size 0x00000004 gran 0x02 io
261PCI: 00:1f.2 18 <- [0x0000003088 - 0x000000308f] size 0x00000008 gran 0x03 io
262PCI: 00:1f.2 1c <- [0x0000003094 - 0x0000003097] size 0x00000004 gran 0x02 io
263PCI: 00:1f.2 20 <- [0x0000003060 - 0x000000307f] size 0x00000020 gran 0x05 io
264PCI: 00:1f.2 24 <- [0x00e162e000 - 0x00e162e7ff] size 0x00000800 gran 0x0b mem
265PCI: 00:1f.3 10 <- [0x00e1631000 - 0x00e16310ff] size 0x00000100 gran 0x08 mem64
266PCI: 00:1f.6 10 <- [0x00e162d000 - 0x00e162dfff] size 0x00001000 gran 0x0c mem64
267Done setting resources.
268Done allocating resources.
269BS: BS_DEV_RESOURCES times (us): entry 0 run 1651 exit 0
270Enabling resources...
271PCI: 00:00.0 subsystem <- 17aa/21ce
272PCI: 00:00.0 cmd <- 06
273PCI: 00:02.0 subsystem <- 17aa/21ce
274PCI: 00:02.0 cmd <- 03
275PCI: 00:04.0 cmd <- 02
276PCI: 00:19.0 subsystem <- 17aa/21ce
277PCI: 00:19.0 cmd <- 103
278PCI: 00:1a.0 subsystem <- 17aa/21ce
279PCI: 00:1a.0 cmd <- 102
280PCI: 00:1b.0 subsystem <- 17aa/21ce
281PCI: 00:1b.0 cmd <- 102
282PCI: 00:1c.0 bridge ctrl <- 0003
283PCI: 00:1c.0 subsystem <- 17aa/21ce
284PCI: 00:1c.0 cmd <- 106
285PCI: 00:1c.1 bridge ctrl <- 0003
286PCI: 00:1c.1 subsystem <- 17aa/21ce
287PCI: 00:1c.1 cmd <- 107
288PCI: 00:1c.3 bridge ctrl <- 0003
289PCI: 00:1c.3 subsystem <- 17aa/21ce
290PCI: 00:1c.3 cmd <- 106
291PCI: 00:1d.0 subsystem <- 17aa/21ce
292PCI: 00:1d.0 cmd <- 102
294PCI: 00:1f.0 subsystem <- 17aa/21ce
295PCI: 00:1f.0 cmd <- 107
296PCI: 00:1f.2 subsystem <- 17aa/21ce
297PCI: 00:1f.2 cmd <- 03
298PCI: 00:1f.3 subsystem <- 17aa/21ce
299PCI: 00:1f.3 cmd <- 103
300PCI: 00:1f.6 subsystem <- 17aa/21ce
301PCI: 00:1f.6 cmd <- 02
302PCI: 01:00.0 cmd <- 02
303PCI: 03:00.0 subsystem <- 17aa/21ce
304PCI: 03:00.0 cmd <- 06
306BS: BS_DEV_ENABLE times (us): entry 0 run 176 exit 0
307Found TPM ST33ZP24 by ST Microelectronics
308TPM: Startup
309TPM: command 0x99 returned 0x0
310TPM: Asserting physical presence
311TPM: command 0x4000000a returned 0x0
312TPM: command 0x65 returned 0x0
313TPM: flags disable=0, deactivated=0, nvlocked=1
314TPM: setup succeeded
315Initializing devices...
316Root Device init ...
317Root Device init finished in 1 usecs
318CPU_CLUSTER: 0 init ...
319start_eip=0x00001000, code_size=0x00000031
320Setting up SMI for CPU
321Loading module at 00038000 with entry 00038000. filesize: 0x1a8 memsize: 0x1a8
322Processing 13 relocs. Offset value of 0x00038000
323SMM Module: stub loaded at 00038000. Will call 7ffa3684(7ffca8e0)
324Installing SMM handler to 0x80000000
325Loading module at 80010000 with entry 80010112. filesize: 0x1350 memsize: 0x5370
326Processing 48 relocs. Offset value of 0x80010000
327Loading module at 80008000 with entry 80008000. filesize: 0x1a8 memsize: 0x1a8
328Processing 13 relocs. Offset value of 0x80008000
329SMM Module: placing jmp sequence at 80007c00 rel16 0x03fd
330SMM Module: placing jmp sequence at 80007800 rel16 0x07fd
331SMM Module: placing jmp sequence at 80007400 rel16 0x0bfd
332SMM Module: stub loaded at 80008000. Will call 80010112(00000000)
333Initializing southbridge SMI...
338In relocation handler: cpu 0
339New SMBASE=0x80000000 IEDBASE=0x80400000 @ 0003fc00
340Writing SMRR. base = 0x80000006, mask=0xff800800
341Relocation complete.
342Locking SMM.
343Initializing CPU #0
344CPU: vendor Intel device 206a7
345CPU: family 06, model 2a, stepping 07
346Enabling cache
347CBFS: 'Master Header Locator' located CBFS at [720000:800000)
348CBFS: Locating 'cpu_microcode_blob.bin'
349CBFS: Found @ offset 13840 size 6400
350microcode: sig=0x206a7 pf=0x10 revision=0x2d
351CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2640M CPU @ 2.80GHz.
352CPU: platform id 4
353CPU: cpuid(1) 0x206a7
354CPU: AES supported
355CPU: TXT supported
356CPU: VT supported
357MTRR: Physical address space:
3580x0000000000000000 - 0x00000000000a0000 size 0x000a0000 type 6
3590x00000000000a0000 - 0x00000000000c0000 size 0x00020000 type 0
3600x00000000000c0000 - 0x0000000080000000 size 0x7ff40000 type 6
3610x0000000080000000 - 0x00000000d0000000 size 0x50000000 type 0
3620x00000000d0000000 - 0x00000000e0000000 size 0x10000000 type 1
3630x00000000e0000000 - 0x0000000100000000 size 0x20000000 type 0
3640x0000000100000000 - 0x000000027b600000 size 0x17b600000 type 6
365MTRR: Fixed MSR 0x250 0x0606060606060606
366MTRR: Fixed MSR 0x258 0x0606060606060606
367MTRR: Fixed MSR 0x259 0x0000000000000000
368MTRR: Fixed MSR 0x268 0x0606060606060606
369MTRR: Fixed MSR 0x269 0x0606060606060606
370MTRR: Fixed MSR 0x26a 0x0606060606060606
371MTRR: Fixed MSR 0x26b 0x0606060606060606
372MTRR: Fixed MSR 0x26c 0x0606060606060606
373MTRR: Fixed MSR 0x26d 0x0606060606060606
374MTRR: Fixed MSR 0x26e 0x0606060606060606
375MTRR: Fixed MSR 0x26f 0x0606060606060606
376CPU physical address size: 36 bits
377MTRR: default type WB/UC MTRR counts: 4/4.
378MTRR: UC selected as default type.
379MTRR: 0 base 0x0000000000000000 mask 0x0000000f80000000 type 6
380MTRR: 1 base 0x00000000d0000000 mask 0x0000000ff0000000 type 1
381MTRR: 2 base 0x0000000100000000 mask 0x0000000f00000000 type 6
382MTRR: 3 base 0x0000000200000000 mask 0x0000000f80000000 type 6
384MTRR check
385Fixed MTRRs : Enabled
386Variable MTRRs: Enabled
388Setting up local APIC... apic_id: 0x00 done.
389VMX is locked, so set_vmx will do nothing
390model_x06ax: energy policy set to 6
391model_x06ax: frequency set to 2800
392Turbo is available but hidden
393Turbo has been enabled
394CPU: 0 has 2 cores, 2 threads per core
395CPU: 0 has core 1
396In relocation handler: cpu 1
397New SMBASE=0x7ffffc00 IEDBASE=0x80400000 @ 0003fc00
398Writing SMRR. base = 0x80000006, mask=0xff800800
399Initializing CPU #1
400CPU: 0 has core 2
401CPU: vendor Intel device 206a7
402CPU: family 06, model 2a, stepping 07
403Enabling cache
404CBFS: 'Master Header Locator' located CBFS at [720000:800000)
405CBFS: Locating 'cpu_microcode_blob.bin'
406CBFS: Found @ offset 13840 size 6400
407microcode: sig=0x206a7 pf=0x10 revision=0x2d
408CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2640M CPU @ 2.80GHz.
409CPU: platform id 4
410CPU: cpuid(1) 0x206a7
411CPU: AES supported
412CPU: TXT supported
413CPU: VT supported
414MTRR: Fixed MSR 0x250 0x0606060606060606
415MTRR: Fixed MSR 0x258 0x0606060606060606
416MTRR: Fixed MSR 0x259 0x0000000000000000
417MTRR: Fixed MSR 0x268 0x0606060606060606
418MTRR: Fixed MSR 0x269 0x0606060606060606
419MTRR: Fixed MSR 0x26a 0x0606060606060606
420MTRR: Fixed MSR 0x26b 0x0606060606060606
421MTRR: Fixed MSR 0x26c 0x0606060606060606
422MTRR: Fixed MSR 0x26d 0x0606060606060606
423MTRR: Fixed MSR 0x26e 0x0606060606060606
424MTRR: Fixed MSR 0x26f 0x0606060606060606
425CPU physical address size: 36 bits
427MTRR check
428Fixed MTRRs : Enabled
429Variable MTRRs: Enabled
431Setting up local APIC... apic_id: 0x01 done.
432VMX is locked, so set_vmx will do nothing
433model_x06ax: energy policy set to 6
434model_x06ax: frequency set to 2800
435CPU #1 initialized
436In relocation handler: cpu 2
437New SMBASE=0x7ffff800 IEDBASE=0x80400000 @ 0003fc00
438Writing SMRR. base = 0x80000006, mask=0xff800800
439CPU: 0 has core 3
440Initializing CPU #2
441CPU: vendor Intel device 206a7
442CPU: family 06, model 2a, stepping 07
443Enabling cache
444CBFS: 'Master Header Locator' located CBFS at [720000:800000)
445CBFS: Locating 'cpu_microcode_blob.bin'
446CBFS: Found @ offset 13840 size 6400
447microcode: sig=0x206a7 pf=0x10 revision=0x0
448microcode: updated to revision 0x2d date=2018-02-07
449CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2640M CPU @ 2.80GHz.
450CPU: platform id 4
451CPU: cpuid(1) 0x206a7
452CPU: AES supported
453CPU: TXT supported
454CPU: VT supported
455MTRR: Fixed MSR 0x250 0x0606060606060606
456MTRR: Fixed MSR 0x258 0x0606060606060606
457MTRR: Fixed MSR 0x259 0x0000000000000000
458MTRR: Fixed MSR 0x268 0x0606060606060606
459MTRR: Fixed MSR 0x269 0x0606060606060606
460MTRR: Fixed MSR 0x26a 0x0606060606060606
461MTRR: Fixed MSR 0x26b 0x0606060606060606
462MTRR: Fixed MSR 0x26c 0x0606060606060606
463MTRR: Fixed MSR 0x26d 0x0606060606060606
464MTRR: Fixed MSR 0x26e 0x0606060606060606
465MTRR: Fixed MSR 0x26f 0x0606060606060606
466CPU physical address size: 36 bits
468MTRR check
469Fixed MTRRs : Enabled
470Variable MTRRs: Enabled
472Setting up local APIC... apic_id: 0x02 done.
473VMX is locked, so set_vmx will do nothing
474model_x06ax: energy policy set to 6
475model_x06ax: frequency set to 2800
476CPU #2 initialized
477In relocation handler: cpu 3
478New SMBASE=0x7ffff400 IEDBASE=0x80400000 @ 0003fc00
479Writing SMRR. base = 0x80000006, mask=0xff800800
480CPU #0 initialized
481Waiting for 1 CPUS to stop
482Initializing CPU #3
483CPU: vendor Intel device 206a7
484CPU: family 06, model 2a, stepping 07
485Enabling cache
486CBFS: 'Master Header Locator' located CBFS at [720000:800000)
487CBFS: Locating 'cpu_microcode_blob.bin'
488CBFS: Found @ offset 13840 size 6400
489microcode: sig=0x206a7 pf=0x10 revision=0x2d
490CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2640M CPU @ 2.80GHz.
491CPU: platform id 4
492CPU: cpuid(1) 0x206a7
493CPU: AES supported
494CPU: TXT supported
495CPU: VT supported
496MTRR: Fixed MSR 0x250 0x0606060606060606
497MTRR: Fixed MSR 0x258 0x0606060606060606
498MTRR: Fixed MSR 0x259 0x0000000000000000
499MTRR: Fixed MSR 0x268 0x0606060606060606
500MTRR: Fixed MSR 0x269 0x0606060606060606
501MTRR: Fixed MSR 0x26a 0x0606060606060606
502MTRR: Fixed MSR 0x26b 0x0606060606060606
503MTRR: Fixed MSR 0x26c 0x0606060606060606
504MTRR: Fixed MSR 0x26d 0x0606060606060606
505MTRR: Fixed MSR 0x26e 0x0606060606060606
506MTRR: Fixed MSR 0x26f 0x0606060606060606
507CPU physical address size: 36 bits
509MTRR check
510Fixed MTRRs : Enabled
511Variable MTRRs: Enabled
513Setting up local APIC... apic_id: 0x03 done.
514VMX is locked, so set_vmx will do nothing
515model_x06ax: energy policy set to 6
516model_x06ax: frequency set to 2800
517CPU #3 initialized
518All AP CPUs stopped (627 loops)
519CPU_CLUSTER: 0 init finished in 61423 usecs
520PCI: 00:00.0 init ...
521Disabling PEG12.
522Disabling PEG11.
523Disabling PEG10.
524Disabling PEG60.
525Disabling Device 7.
526Disabling PEG IO clock.
528CPU TDP: 35 Watts
529PCI: 00:00.0 init finished in 1019 usecs
530PCI: 00:02.0 init ...
531GT Power Management Init
532SNB GT2 Power Meter Weights
533GT Power Management Init (post VBIOS)
534bringing up panel at resolution 1600 x 900
535Borders 0 x 0
536Blank 410 x 12
537Sync 42 x 3
538Front porch 64 x 3
539Spread spectrum clock
540Dual channel
541Polarities 1, 1
542Data M1=1922389, N1=8388608
543Link frequency 270000 kHz
544Link M1=213598, N1=524288
545Pixel N=6, M1=14, M2=7, P1=2
546Pixel clock 110000 kHz
547waiting for panel powerup
548panel powered up
549PCI: 00:02.0 init finished in 27906 usecs
550PCI: 00:04.0 init ...
551PCI: 00:04.0 init finished in 0 usecs
552PCI: 00:19.0 init ...
553PCI: 00:19.0 init finished in 0 usecs
554PCI: 00:1a.0 init ...
555EHCI: Setting up controller.. done.
556PCI: 00:1a.0 init finished in 13 usecs
557PCI: 00:1b.0 init ...
558Azalia: base = e1628000
559Azalia: codec_mask = 0b
560Azalia: Initializing codec #3
561Azalia: codec viddid: 80862805
562Azalia: No verb!
563Azalia: Initializing codec #1
564Azalia: codec viddid: 14f12c06
565Azalia: No verb!
566Azalia: Initializing codec #0
567Azalia: codec viddid: 14f1506e
568Azalia: verb_size: 52
569Azalia: verb loaded.
570PCI: 00:1b.0 init finished in 4345 usecs
571PCI: 00:1c.0 init ...
572Initializing PCH PCIe bridge.
573PCI: 00:1c.0 init finished in 9 usecs
574PCI: 00:1c.1 init ...
575Initializing PCH PCIe bridge.
576PCI: 00:1c.1 init finished in 12 usecs
577PCI: 00:1c.3 init ...
578Initializing PCH PCIe bridge.
579PCI: 00:1c.3 init finished in 9 usecs
580PCI: 00:1d.0 init ...
581EHCI: Setting up controller.. done.
582PCI: 00:1d.0 init finished in 11 usecs
583PCI: 00:1f.0 init ...
584pch: lpc_init
585PCH: detected QM67, device id: 0x1c4f, rev id 0x5
586IOAPIC: Initializing IOAPIC at 0xfec00000
587IOAPIC: Bootstrap Processor Local APIC = 0x00
588IOAPIC: ID = 0x02
589Set power off after power failure.
590NMI sources disabled.
591CougarPoint PM init
592RTC: failed = 0x0
593RTC Init
594Disabling ACPI via APMC:
597PCI: 00:1f.0 init finished in 364 usecs
598PCI: 00:1f.2 init ...
599SATA: Initializing...
600SATA: Controller in AHCI mode.
601ABAR: e162e000
602PCI: 00:1f.2 init finished in 93 usecs
603PCI: 00:1f.3 init ...
604PCI: 00:1f.3 init finished in 7 usecs
605PCI: 00:1f.6 init ...
606PCI: 00:1f.6 init finished in 0 usecs
607PCI: 01:00.0 init ...
608PCI: 01:00.0 init finished in 0 usecs
609PCI: 03:00.0 init ...
610PCI: 03:00.0 init finished in 14 usecs
611PNP: 00ff.2 init ...
612PNP: 00ff.2 init finished in 0 usecs
613smbus: PCI: 00:1f.3[0]->I2C: 01:54 init ...
614I2C: 01:54 init finished in 1 usecs
615smbus: PCI: 00:1f.3[0]->I2C: 01:55 init ...
616I2C: 01:55 init finished in 0 usecs
617smbus: PCI: 00:1f.3[0]->I2C: 01:56 init ...
618I2C: 01:56 init finished in 0 usecs
619smbus: PCI: 00:1f.3[0]->I2C: 01:57 init ...
620I2C: 01:57 init finished in 0 usecs
621smbus: PCI: 00:1f.3[0]->I2C: 01:5c init ...
622Locking EEPROM RFID
623init EEPROM done
624I2C: 01:5c init finished in 22801 usecs
625smbus: PCI: 00:1f.3[0]->I2C: 01:5d init ...
626I2C: 01:5d init finished in 0 usecs
627smbus: PCI: 00:1f.3[0]->I2C: 01:5e init ...
628I2C: 01:5e init finished in 0 usecs
629smbus: PCI: 00:1f.3[0]->I2C: 01:5f init ...
630I2C: 01:5f init finished in 0 usecs
631Devices initialized
632BS: BS_DEV_INIT times (us): entry 15836 run 118152 exit 0
633Finalize devices...
634PCI: 00:1f.0 final
635Devices finalized
636BS: BS_POST_DEVICE times (us): entry 0 run 46 exit 0
637BS: BS_OS_RESUME_CHECK times (us): entry 0 run 3 exit 0
638CBFS: 'Master Header Locator' located CBFS at [720000:800000)
639CBFS: Locating 'fallback/dsdt.aml'
640CBFS: Found @ offset 3ddc0 size 35d2
641CBFS: 'Master Header Locator' located CBFS at [720000:800000)
642CBFS: Locating 'fallback/slic'
643CBFS: 'fallback/slic' not found.
644ACPI: Writing ACPI tables at 7ff4a000.
648ACPI: added table 1/32, length now 40
650Found 1 CPU(s) with 4 core(s) each.
651PSS: 2801MHz power 35000 control 0x2300 status 0x2300
652PSS: 2800MHz power 35000 control 0x1c00 status 0x1c00
653PSS: 2400MHz power 28615 control 0x1800 status 0x1800
654PSS: 2000MHz power 22765 control 0x1400 status 0x1400
655PSS: 1600MHz power 17346 control 0x1000 status 0x1000
656PSS: 1200MHz power 12373 control 0xc00 status 0xc00
657PSS: 800MHz power 7830 control 0x800 status 0x800
658PSS: 2801MHz power 35000 control 0x2300 status 0x2300
659PSS: 2800MHz power 35000 control 0x1c00 status 0x1c00
660PSS: 2400MHz power 28615 control 0x1800 status 0x1800
661PSS: 2000MHz power 22765 control 0x1400 status 0x1400
662PSS: 1600MHz power 17346 control 0x1000 status 0x1000
663PSS: 1200MHz power 12373 control 0xc00 status 0xc00
664PSS: 800MHz power 7830 control 0x800 status 0x800
665PSS: 2801MHz power 35000 control 0x2300 status 0x2300
666PSS: 2800MHz power 35000 control 0x1c00 status 0x1c00
667PSS: 2400MHz power 28615 control 0x1800 status 0x1800
668PSS: 2000MHz power 22765 control 0x1400 status 0x1400
669PSS: 1600MHz power 17346 control 0x1000 status 0x1000
670PSS: 1200MHz power 12373 control 0xc00 status 0xc00
671PSS: 800MHz power 7830 control 0x800 status 0x800
672PSS: 2801MHz power 35000 control 0x2300 status 0x2300
673PSS: 2800MHz power 35000 control 0x1c00 status 0x1c00
674PSS: 2400MHz power 28615 control 0x1800 status 0x1800
675PSS: 2000MHz power 22765 control 0x1400 status 0x1400
676PSS: 1600MHz power 17346 control 0x1000 status 0x1000
677PSS: 1200MHz power 12373 control 0xc00 status 0xc00
678PSS: 800MHz power 7830 control 0x800 status 0x800
679Generating ACPI PIRQ entries
680\_SB.PCI0.LPCB.TPM: LPC TPM PNP: 0c31.0
681ACPI: * H8
682H8: BDC installed
683H8: WWAN detection not implemented. Assuming WWAN installed
684\_SB.PCI0.RP01.WIFI: PCI: 01:00.0
685ACPI: added table 2/32, length now 44
687ACPI: added table 3/32, length now 48
689TCPA log created at 7ff39000
690ACPI: added table 4/32, length now 52
692ACPI: added table 5/32, length now 56
693current = 7ff4f500
695ACPI: added table 6/32, length now 60
696current = 7ff4f5b0
697CBFS: 'Master Header Locator' located CBFS at [720000:800000)
698CBFS: Locating 'vbt.bin'
699CBFS: Found @ offset 39400 size 558
700Found a VBT of 3985 bytes after decompression
701GMA: Found VBT in CBFS
702GMA: Found valid VBT in CBFS
704ACPI: added table 7/32, length now 64
705ACPI: done.
706ACPI tables: 30192 bytes.
707smbios_write_tables: 7ff38000
708Create SMBIOS type 17
709PCI: 01:00.0 (unknown)
710SMBIOS tables: 670 bytes.
711Writing table forward entry at 0x00000500
712Wrote coreboot table at: 00000500, 0x10 bytes, checksum 9fe7
713Writing coreboot table at 0x7ff6e000
714 0. 0000000000000000-0000000000000fff: CONFIGURATION TABLES
715 1. 0000000000001000-000000000009ffff: RAM
716 2. 00000000000a0000-00000000000fffff: RESERVED
717 3. 0000000000100000-000000001fffffff: RAM
718 4. 0000000020000000-00000000201fffff: RESERVED
719 5. 0000000020200000-000000003fffffff: RAM
720 6. 0000000040000000-00000000401fffff: RESERVED
721 7. 0000000040200000-000000007ff37fff: RAM
722 8. 000000007ff38000-000000007ff86fff: CONFIGURATION TABLES
723 9. 000000007ff87000-000000007ffcefff: RAMSTAGE
72410. 000000007ffcf000-000000007fffffff: CONFIGURATION TABLES
72511. 0000000080000000-00000000829fffff: RESERVED
72612. 00000000f0000000-00000000f3ffffff: RESERVED
72713. 00000000fed40000-00000000fed44fff: RESERVED
72814. 00000000fed90000-00000000fed91fff: RESERVED
72915. 0000000100000000-000000027b5fffff: RAM
730Manufacturer: c2
731SF: Detected MX25L6405D with sector size 0x1000, total 0x800000
732CBFS: 'Master Header Locator' located CBFS at [720000:800000)
733Wrote coreboot table at: 7ff6e000, 0x38c bytes, checksum b52
734coreboot table: 932 bytes.
735IMD ROOT 0. 7ffff000 00001000
736IMD SMALL 1. 7fffe000 00001000
737CONSOLE 2. 7ffde000 00020000
738TIME STAMP 3. 7ffdd000 00000910
739ROMSTG STCK 4. 7ffd8000 00005000
740AFTER CAR 5. 7ffcf000 00009000
741RAMSTAGE 6. 7ff86000 00049000
742SMM BACKUP 7. 7ff76000 00010000
743COREBOOT 8. 7ff6e000 00008000
744ACPI 9. 7ff4a000 00024000
745ACPI GNVS 10. 7ff49000 00001000
746TCPA TCGLOG11. 7ff39000 00010000
747SMBIOS 12. 7ff38000 00000800
748IMD small region:
749 IMD ROOT 0. 7fffec00 00000400
750 MEM INFO 1. 7fffea40 000001a9
751 ROMSTAGE 2. 7fffea20 00000004
752 COREBOOTFWD 3. 7fffe9e0 00000028
753BS: BS_WRITE_TABLES times (us): entry 0 run 25502 exit 0
754CBFS: 'Master Header Locator' located CBFS at [720000:800000)
755CBFS: Locating 'fallback/payload'
756CBFS: Found @ offset 41400 size 106fd
757Checking segment from ROM address 0xfff61438
758Payload being loaded at below 1MiB without region being marked as RAM usable.
759Checking segment from ROM address 0xfff61454
760Loading segment from ROM address 0xfff61438
761 code (compression=1)
762 New segment dstaddr 0x000e0d20 memsize 0x1f2e0 srcaddr 0xfff61470 filesize 0x106c5
763Loading Segment: addr: 0x000e0d20 memsz: 0x000000000001f2e0 filesz: 0x00000000000106c5
764using LZMA
765Loading segment from ROM address 0xfff61454
766 Entry Point 0x000fd274
767BS: BS_PAYLOAD_LOAD times (us): entry 1 run 23347 exit 0
768PCH: watchdog disabled
769Jumping to boot code at 000fd274(7ff6e000)
770SeaBIOS (version rel-1.12.0-0-ga698c89)
771BUILD: gcc: (coreboot toolchain v1.53 August 16th, 2018) 8.1.0 binutils: (GNU Binutils) 2.30
772Found coreboot cbmem console @ 7ffde000
773Found mainboard LENOVO ThinkPad T420
774Relocating init from 0x000e2380 to 0x7feeb520 (size 51680)
775Found CBFS header at 0xfff20038
776multiboot: eax=7ffb9f80, ebx=7ffb9f34
777Found 16 PCI devices (max PCI bus is 03)
778Copying SMBIOS entry point from 0x7ff38000 to 0x000f67a0
779Copying ACPI RSDP from 0x7ff4a000 to 0x000f6770
780Using pmtimer, ioport 0x508
781Scan for VGA option rom
782Running option rom at c000:0003
783pmm call arg1=0
784Turning on vga text mode console
785SeaBIOS (version rel-1.12.0-0-ga698c89)
786Machine UUID f7c29201-520c-11cb-ae0a-853cb0d59b9b
787EHCI init on dev 00:1a.0 (regs=0xe162f020)
788EHCI init on dev 00:1d.0 (regs=0xe1630020)
789AHCI controller at 00:1f.2, iobase 0xe162e000, irq 10
790Searching bootorder for: /pci@i0cf8/pci-bridge@1c,3/*@0
791Found 0 lpt ports
792Found 0 serial ports
793Discarding ps2 data f0 (status=11)
794Searching bootorder for: /pci@i0cf8/*@1f,2/drive@0/disk@0
795AHCI/0: Set transfer mode to UDMA-6
796AHCI/0: registering: "AHCI/0: ST320LT007-9ZV142 ATA-8 Hard-Disk (298 GiBytes)"
797Searching bootorder for: /pci@i0cf8/*@1f,2/drive@1/disk@0
798AHCI/1: Set transfer mode to UDMA-6
799AHCI/1: registering: "AHCI/1: ST9500325ASG ATA-8 Hard-Disk (465 GiBytes)"
800Initialized USB HUB (0 ports used)
801Initialized USB HUB (0 ports used)
802PS2 keyboard initialized
803All threads complete.
804Scan for option roms
806Press ESC for boot menu.
808Searching bootorder for: HALT
809drive 0x000f6700: PCHS=16383/16/63 translation=lba LCHS=1024/255/63 s=625142448
810drive 0x000f66b0: PCHS=16383/16/63 translation=lba LCHS=1024/255/63 s=976773168
811Space available for UMB: c7000-ed800, f5fc0-f66b0
812Returned 253952 bytes of ZoneHigh
813e820 map has 13 items:
814 0: 0000000000000000 - 000000000009fc00 = 1 RAM
815 1: 000000000009fc00 - 00000000000a0000 = 2 RESERVED
816 2: 00000000000f0000 - 0000000000100000 = 2 RESERVED
817 3: 0000000000100000 - 0000000020000000 = 1 RAM
818 4: 0000000020000000 - 0000000020200000 = 2 RESERVED
819 5: 0000000020200000 - 0000000040000000 = 1 RAM
820 6: 0000000040000000 - 0000000040200000 = 2 RESERVED
821 7: 0000000040200000 - 000000007ff36000 = 1 RAM
822 8: 000000007ff36000 - 0000000082a00000 = 2 RESERVED
823 9: 00000000f0000000 - 00000000f4000000 = 2 RESERVED
824 10: 00000000fed40000 - 00000000fed45000 = 2 RESERVED
825 11: 00000000fed90000 - 00000000fed92000 = 2 RESERVED
826 12: 0000000100000000 - 000000027b600000 = 1 RAM
827enter handle_19:
828 NULL
829Booting from Hard Disk...
830Booting from 0000:7c00