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Angel Ponsa78393f2018-06-25 10:50:18 +02001
2*** Pre-CBMEM romstage console overflowed, log truncated! ***
3e RAM training (1).
4100MHz reference clock support: yes
5Trying CAS 9, tCK 320.
6Found compatible clock, CAS pair.
7Selected DRAM frequency: 800 MHz
8Selected CAS latency : 9T
9PLL busy... done in 10 us
10MCU frequency is set at : 800 MHz
11Done dimm mapping
12Update PCI-E configuration space:
13PCI(0, 0, 0)[a0] = 0
14PCI(0, 0, 0)[a4] = 2
15PCI(0, 0, 0)[bc] = 82a00000
16PCI(0, 0, 0)[a8] = 7c600000
17PCI(0, 0, 0)[ac] = 2
18PCI(0, 0, 0)[b8] = 80000000
19PCI(0, 0, 0)[b0] = 80a00000
20PCI(0, 0, 0)[b4] = 80800000
21PCI(0, 0, 0)[7c] = 7f
22PCI(0, 0, 0)[70] = ff000000
23PCI(0, 0, 0)[74] = 1
24PCI(0, 0, 0)[78] = ff000c00
25Done memory map
26Done io registers
27t123: 1767, 6000, 7620
28ME: FW Partition Table : OK
29ME: Bringup Loader Failure : NO
30ME: Firmware Init Complete : NO
31ME: Manufacturing Mode : NO
32ME: Boot Options Present : NO
33ME: Update In Progress : NO
34ME: Current Working State : Normal
35ME: Current Operation State : Bring up
36ME: Current Operation Mode : Normal
37ME: Error Code : No Error
38ME: Progress Phase : BUP Phase
39ME: Power Management Event : Clean Moff->Mx wake
40ME: Progress Phase State : Waiting for DID BIOS message
41ME: FWS2: 0x101f0126
42ME: Bist in progress: 0x0
43ME: ICC Status : 0x3
44ME: Invoke MEBx : 0x0
45ME: CPU replaced : 0x0
46ME: MBP ready : 0x1
47ME: MFS failure : 0x0
48ME: Warm reset req : 0x0
49ME: CPU repl valid : 0x1
50ME: (Reserved) : 0x0
51ME: FW update req : 0x0
52ME: (Reserved) : 0x0
53ME: Current state : 0x1f
54ME: Current PM event: 0x0
55ME: Progress code : 0x1
56PASSED! Tell ME that DRAM is ready
57ME: FWS2: 0x10500126
58ME: Bist in progress: 0x0
59ME: ICC Status : 0x3
60ME: Invoke MEBx : 0x0
61ME: CPU replaced : 0x0
62ME: MBP ready : 0x1
63ME: MFS failure : 0x0
64ME: Warm reset req : 0x0
65ME: CPU repl valid : 0x1
66ME: (Reserved) : 0x0
67ME: FW update req : 0x0
68ME: (Reserved) : 0x0
69ME: Current state : 0x50
70ME: Current PM event: 0x0
71ME: Progress code : 0x1
72ME: Requested BIOS Action: Continue to boot
73ME: FW Partition Table : OK
74ME: Bringup Loader Failure : NO
75ME: Firmware Init Complete : NO
76ME: Manufacturing Mode : NO
77ME: Boot Options Present : NO
78ME: Update In Progress : NO
79ME: Current Working State : Normal
80ME: Current Operation State : M0 with UMA
81ME: Current Operation Mode : Normal
82ME: Error Code : No Error
83ME: Progress Phase : BUP Phase
84ME: Power Management Event : Clean Moff->Mx wake
85ME: Progress Phase State : M0 kernel load
86memcfg DDR3 ref clock 133 MHz
87memcfg DDR3 clock 1596 MHz
88memcfg channel assignment: A: 0, B 1, C 2
89memcfg channel[0] config (00600010):
90 ECC inactive
91 enhanced interleave mode on
92 rank interleave on
93 DIMMA 4096 MB width x8 single rank, selected
94 DIMMB 0 MB width x8 single rank
95memcfg channel[1] config (00600010):
96 ECC inactive
97 enhanced interleave mode on
98 rank interleave on
99 DIMMA 4096 MB width x8 single rank, selected
100 DIMMB 0 MB width x8 single rank
102IMD: root @ 7ffff000 254 entries.
103IMD: root @ 7fffec00 62 entries.
104External stage cache:
105IMD: root @ 803ff000 254 entries.
106IMD: root @ 803fec00 62 entries.
107CBMEM entry for DIMM info: 0x7fffeaa0
108MTRR Range: Start=ffc00000 End=0 (Size 400000)
109MTRR Range: Start=0 End=1000000 (Size 1000000)
110MTRR Range: Start=7f800000 End=80000000 (Size 800000)
111MTRR Range: Start=80000000 End=80800000 (Size 800000)
112CBFS: 'Master Header Locator' located CBFS at [320000:3fffc0)
113CBFS: Locating 'fallback/postcar'
114CBFS: Found @ offset 32800 size 3e74
115Decompressing stage fallback/postcar @ 0x7ffcffc0 (32592 bytes)
116Loading module at 7ffd0000 with entry 7ffd0000. filesize: 0x3c50 memsize: 0x7f10
117Processing 114 relocs. Offset value of 0x7dfd0000
118MRC: No data in cbmem for 'RW_MRC_CACHE'.
119skipping PNP: 002e.1@f0 fixed resource, size=0!
120skipping PNP: 002e.a@e5 fixed resource, size=0!
121skipping PNP: 002e.a@e6 fixed resource, size=0!
122skipping PNP: 002e.a@e7 fixed resource, size=0!
123skipping PNP: 002e.a@f0 fixed resource, size=0!
124skipping PNP: 002e.a@f2 fixed resource, size=0!
125skipping PNP: 002e.f@f0 fixed resource, size=0!
126skipping PNP: 002e.16@30 fixed resource, size=0!
127skipping PNP: 002e.17@e0 fixed resource, size=0!
128skipping PNP: 002e.17@e1 fixed resource, size=0!
129skipping PNP: 002e.17@e2 fixed resource, size=0!
130skipping PNP: 002e.17@e3 fixed resource, size=0!
131skipping PNP: 002e.17@e5 fixed resource, size=0!
132ERROR: PNP: 002e.b 70 irq size: 0x0000000001 not assigned
133ME: response is not complete
134ME: GET FW VERSION message failed
135ME: response is not complete
136ME: GET FWCAPS message failed
137GMA: VBT couldn't be found