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SeaBIOS (version rel-1.7.5-0-ge51488c-20150408_212636-bbb)
Found coreboot cbmem console @ bffdf000
Found mainboard ASROCK IMB-A180
Relocating init from 0x000e71d9 to 0xbfbc2120 (size 44567)
Found CBFS header at 0xfffffa58
CPU Mhz=1191
Found 28 PCI devices (max PCI bus is 02)
Copying SMBIOS entry point from 0xbfc15000 to 0x000f1fd0
Copying ACPI RSDP from 0xbfc16000 to 0x000f1fa0
Copying MPTABLE from 0xbfc3a000/bfc3a010 to 0x000f1df0
Copying PIR from 0xbfc3b000 to 0x000f1dc0
Using pmtimer, ioport 0x818
Scan for VGA option rom
Running option rom at c000:0003
Turning on vga text mode console
SeaBIOS (version rel-1.7.5-0-ge51488c-20150408_212636-bbb)
EHCI init on dev 00:12.2 (regs=0xf0b6b420)
i8042 keyboard test failed (got 1 not 0x00)
EHCI init on dev 00:13.2 (regs=0xf0b6b520)
Found 0 lpt ports
Found 4 serial ports
AHCI controller at 11.0, iobase f0b6b000, irq 0
EHCI init on dev 00:16.2 (regs=0xf0b6b720)
Searching bootorder for: /pci@i0cf8/*@11/drive@1/disk@0
AHCI/1: registering: "AHCI/1: HITACHI HTS722010K9SA00 ATA-8 Hard-Disk (93 GiBytes)"
OHCI init on dev 00:12.0 (regs=0xf0b68000)
OHCI init on dev 00:13.0 (regs=0xf0b69000)
OHCI init on dev 00:16.0 (regs=0xf0b6a000)
USB mouse initialized
USB keyboard initialized
All threads complete.
Scan for option roms
Press F12 for boot menu.
Searching bootorder for: HALT
drive 0x000f1d50: PCHS=16383/16/63 translation=lba LCHS=1024/255/63 s=195371568
Space available for UMB: cf000-ee800, f0000-f1d50
Returned 253952 bytes of ZoneHigh
e820 map has 7 items:
0: 0000000000000000 - 000000000009fc00 = 1 RAM
1: 000000000009fc00 - 00000000000a0000 = 2 RESERVED
2: 00000000000f0000 - 0000000000100000 = 2 RESERVED
3: 0000000000100000 - 00000000bfc0b000 = 1 RAM
4: 00000000bfc0b000 - 00000000e0000000 = 2 RESERVED
5: 00000000f8000000 - 00000000fc000000 = 2 RESERVED
6: 0000000100000000 - 0000000120000000 = 1 RAM
enter handle_19:
Booting from Hard Disk...
Booting from 0000:7c00