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This kit contains the tools to extract files from an EFI firmware
Step 1: Getting the image
You can get a firmware image by extracting it from any vendor updater
package, or by using the 'dumpfv.efi' program from rEFIt.
The suffix of the image name is often ".fd".
Step 2: Extracting the image
Run "" with the image file name as a parameter.
You may want to capture output from xfv for later reference, e.g.:
./ MBP11_0044_02B.fd | tee mbp11-output.txt
Some notes
Early Apple firmware images (e.g. the original images for the iMac, MBP
and Mac mini models as present on the Firmware Restoration CD) include
file names for drivers and applications. Later images (e.g. the Boot
Camp firmware updates) don't. However, the GUID of the files is fixed,
so a future version of xfv may support building a dictionary of file
names and using them for images that don't have embedded file names.
The current version only supports one "firmware volume" per file. The
firmware images actually contain 4 parts:
Offset Size Content
000000 1A0000 Main firmware volume: DXE core, DXE drivers
1A0000 010000 Firmware volume, use unknown
1B0000 030000 Contents unknown
1E0000 020000 Firmware volume: PEI core, PEI drivers