Whitespace and syntax cleanups

Run the C language source code formatting program `indent` with the `-linux`

    $ indent --version # Debian package 2.2.11-3
    GNU indent: 2.2.11
    $ indent -linux *.[ch]

which is similar to the one documented in the coreboot Wiki [1].

    $ indent -npro -kr -i8 -ts8 -sob -l80 -ss -ncs *.[ch]
    $ man indent
           The Kernighan & Ritchie style is used throughout their well-known book "The C Programming Language".   It  is  enabled  with  the
           ‘-kr’ option.  The Kernighan & Ritchie style corresponds to the following set of options:

                -nbad -bap -bbo -nbc -br -brs -c33 -cd33 -ncdb -ce -ci4 -cli0
                -cp33 -cs -d0 -di1 -nfc1 -nfca -hnl -i4 -ip0 -l75 -lp -npcs
                -nprs -npsl -saf -sai -saw -nsc -nsob -nss
           The Linux style is used in the linux kernel code and drivers. Code generally has to follow the Linux coding style to be accepted.
           This style is equivalent to the following settings:

                -nbad -bap -nbc -bbo -hnl -br -brs -c33 -cd33 -ncdb -ce -ci4
                -cli0 -d0 -di1 -nfc1 -i8 -ip0 -l80 -lp -npcs -nprs -npsl -sai
                -saf -saw -ncs -nsc -sob -nfca -cp33 -ss -ts8 -il1

[1] http://www.coreboot.org/Development_Guidelines#Coding_Style

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